“After leaving The Magdalen House, I went to Dallas 24 Hour Club (The 24). Maggie’s and The 24 have completely changed my life. I love that both places have daily meetings and there is always someone there for you. I began working the 12 Steps with a my sponsor at Maggie’s, continued that work at The 24, and, today, I live in 10, 11, and 12 – and with as much effort as I put into chasing the drink is the same effort that I put into giving back and helping another alcoholic. While I no longer live at The 24, I am so grateful for the impact that it made in my life and my recovery.”

Andrea completed our two-week residential program in 2017, and like many women who are newly sober and just beginning their journey in recovery, she was looking for a more supportive living environment. Because alcoholic women come through our doors from every walk of life, and often have needs that lie beyond our scope of services, we created the Community Outreach Program to better meet those needs.  

On day seven of a woman’s stay in our Social Detox Program, we check-in with her to discuss her living situation and find out what additional resources she may need outside of our programsThis allows us to not only provide her with information about existing resources like The 24 and Agape Clinic, but to also better identify opportunities where we can connect with community partners who can provide services like counseling, childcare, career support, and much more. We always want to make sure our clients leave our program connected to resources that meet all of their needs.     

Building a Stronger Recovery Community 

In the last three years, 29% of Social Detox Program admissions reported being without a place to live. While there are several low and no-cost sober living options in DFW, The 24 is a great option for these women because of the close proximity to Maggie’s (which will be even closer when we relocate to 4513 Gaston Avenue in early 2021) and their strong connection to the recovery community. Because The 24 requires their residents to work at least part-time or if on disability, volunteer 25 hours weekly, women living there – whether or not they’re alumnae of Maggie’s – are able to complete volunteer hours at Maggie’s while also engaging with our community of both newly sober and recovered women.   

Since 1969, Dallas 24 Hour Club has provided safe, sober transitional living for homeless men and women seeking a brand-new life away from drugs and alcohol – a much needed resource in our community. Affectionately known as “The 24,” they are passionate about helping people find recovery, just like we are. Not only do they provide shelter and housing for up to six months per stay for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts at a minimal cost, but they also hold daily 12-Step recovery meetings  37 meetings each week. The public is encouraged to attend meetings, provide service to residents, and enjoy their full-service on-site restaurant, The Hubcap Cafe (which has the best pancakes in Dallas).  

Today, like several of our alumnae who have moved into The 24, Andrea is able to be active in both communities. She recently served as a live-in Women’s Liaison at The 24, and every Sunday afternoon we have the pleasure of having her as a Front Desk volunteer.   

About The 24:  

Dallas 24 Hour Club was founded in 1969 by Lee Tillman to have a place open 24 hours a day for individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction who were seeking help. Over the next 50 years, Dallas 24 Hour Club grew to offer housing, the first with 6 beds for homeless men only, to their current facility, which has 75 beds, services for both men and women, and hosts (37) 12-Step Recovery Meetings each week. They are available for the suffering alcoholic or drug addict 24 hours each day, 365 days each year, thus the name Dallas 24 Hour Club. 

Learn more: dallas24hourclub.org 


By focusing on what we do well while engaging organizations that meet unique needs, we’re not only able to unify and educate one another, but we are also able to build a stronger community together.