Celebrating Our Team: Laura Wilson – Communications Coordinator

by | Mar 10, 2024 | #Women

Please join us in celebrating Laura Wilson, Communications Coordinator at The Magdalen House! Laura is bringing her marketing experience to our team after 4.5 years as a dedicated volunteer. We are so excited to have her join the team!

1. What do you do at The Magdalen House, and what does a “typical” day look like for you?

As communications coordinator, I help support the teams by creating collateral, informational posts for social media and consistently asking my teammates how to work a Mac. I also am the conduit for the communications and development team, working closely with both to support revenue goals through content creation.   

2. What is your favorite line in the Big Book and why?

My favorite line in the Big Book is from page 25 in “There Is A Solution”:

‘When, therefore we were approached by those in whom the problem had been solved, there was nothing left for us but to pick up the simple kit of spiritual tools laid at our feet. We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.’

I was so alone when I came into this program, and had no idea there were others who, like me, did not understand why they drank the way they drank. Without the depth and weight from the women who came before me, I would have never known my problem, or more importantly, what the solution was.  Today, I am able to experience a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

3. What’s something you’ve witnessed at The Magdalen House that inspires or moves you?

The most inspiring thing I have seen at The Magdalen House is witnessing the women’s journey; from intake, to picking up at Birthday Night and seeing them inspire the current women in the house. There truly is nothing like seeing a woman you helped, helping others; that is exactly what The Magdalen House is about.

4. How has working at The Magdalen House impacted your life?

I first came through the doors of The Magdalen House in 2019 as a First Step client. At the time, I was living in my car and, out of options, decided to go to treatment for a place to stay. I had no intention of getting sober. Within 72 hours, I not only fully conceded I was an alcoholic, I began working the program of recovery.  Since then, I have stayed heavily involved in the volunteer program, as a meeting chair, overnight volunteer, and even served on The Maggie’s Women’s Group for two years. Now, as a staff member, I am most looking forward to combining my passion for marketing and helping other alcoholics to contribute to the growth and success of Maggie’s.

5. What are some of your hobbies, or things that you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy traveling, with my favorite annual trips being fly fishing in Colorado with my dad, and spending time with my family in Minnesota. I also enjoy spoiling my dog, Sasha, who I rescued off the streets on Christmas Day in 2023.

About Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson was first introduced to The Magdalen House in September 2019, as a First Step client. Entering her ninth institution in six years, she thought she would “play the game” and coast her way through her two-week stay.  Once she understood her problem, and heard the  solution and hope from other recovered women, she decided to work the 12 steps like her life depended on it. She came to Maggie’s because she had no where else to go; she stayed at Maggie’s because she never wanted to leave. Without The Magdalen House, she would not be alive today.

In her recovery, Laura has found several passions in life, with her main one being helping others struggling with alcoholism. She is active in the recovery community, spending time carrying the message at treatment centers, and sponsoring other women. She also enjoys traveling, fly fishing, and spending time with her friends and family. Her biggest gift in recovery is the reestablished relationship with her dad, Doug Wilson.