Your Gift Makes an Impact

When you invest in The Magdalen House, you are providing hope for alcoholics and their families, a fellowship of understanding individuals, and the opportunity to help transform lives through our recovery services.

Make A One Time Gift

Become a Monthly Donor

When you commit to making monthly contributions, just a year of donations can make the difference in the life of a woman or man struggling with alcoholism.

  • For just $10 a month, over the course of a year you can cover the cost of one alcoholic individual’s participation in fellowship and recovery meetings.
  • For just $100 a month for a year, you can provide one individual with education and structure to grow in recovery through our nonresidential program.
  • Or, for $170 a month for a year, you can provide one individual with the opportunity to establish sobriety through our two-week residential program.

Other Ways to Give

Employer Matching

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Stock and Mutual Fund Donations

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Kroger Fresh for Everyone
Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

If you would like to donate by check please make your check payable to The Magdalen House and mail to 4513 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75246.


Whether your donation is $1, $1,000, or anywhere in between, every gift helps save lives, strengthen families, and improve our community.

2023 Donors

Thank you to everyone who supported The Magdalen House in 2023 with a monetary donation!
Members of our Board of Directors are listed in green below. Visit our Friends & Ambassadors of Maggie’s (FAM) page for more information about membership. 

Hannah and Allen Abney
John Abrams
Katie Adama
Alice Adams
Darja Adams
Wynne and Craig Adams Charitable Fund
Suzanne Adams
Julie Agee
George and Joyce Allen
Jules Alva
Kelsey and Luke Amos
Anna Anderson
Jayde Anderson
Melinda Anderson
Danny Andino
Janet Angerame
Marie Appel
Deborah Armstrong
Tiffany and Craig Armstrong
Linda Arsenio
Jamison Ashley
A.B. Aston
Jeff Ault
Melissa Aurbach
Carla Ayala
Jorge and Arelli Azpe
Catherine Bacharach
Mary Badarack
Darla and Bill Baerg
Juliana Bailey
Tina Bailey
Alexis Baker
Cari Baker
Tiffany Baker
Valerie Baker
Crystal Baldassaro
Beth Baltazar
Karen Ban
Mary Bandy
Christy Barnes
Andrew Barroso
Diane Bartlett
Emery Bastable
Terry Bastian
Renee Battaile
Katie Bauer
Cynthia Beard
Emily Bearden
Patricia Becker
Rynne Belk
Lindsay Bell
Tanya and Bryce Benbow
Bruce Bernbaum
Joel and Anne Bessire
Louise Bexley
Olof Beyer
Yasmin and Vikrant Bhatia
Blake Biggers
Kelli Billingsley
Patricia Bills
Kristen Black
Beverly and Edward Blalock
Bonnye Blevins
Deborah Boelter
Robert L Boggs Jr
Nicole Bond
Patrick Booth
Carrie and Travis Booth
Kim Boyle
Robert Bracken
Elizabeth Bracken
Amanda Braddock
Tamara Brady
Stephanie and Bennie Bray
Breunig Family Foundation
DJ Brewer
Kaitlin Bright
Adele Broughton
Mary Browder
Rebecca Browder
Linda Brown
Suzanne and Ken Brown
Heather Bryant
Linda Buford
Jordan Burbage
Madeline Burch
Debbie and David Burch
April Burkett
John Burkhead
AnnMarie Burns
Pamela Caldwell
Deb Callagahan
Deena Callaham
Tena Callahan
Kimberly Calvert
Morgan Campion
Dyan Carbine
Karen and Mark Carney
Jessica Carpenter
Karen Carrell
Nicole Carrillo
Karen Cassady
Ellen Cassidy
Ashleigh Castleberry
Dominick Castro
Amy and Toby Catlin
Erin and Paul Cazalas
Margaret Cervin
Helen Chaney
Sarah Charles
Kathy Chase
Rosemarie Chavez
Tisha Cheney
Kamila Chytil
Judy and Stewart Cogan
Catherine Michelle Coker
Trudy Coleman
Tom Connelly
Michael and Monica Cook
Kathleen Cook-Hunter
Glenn Correnti
Alise Cortez
Maura and Tim Costello
Mary Covington
Megan and Beau Cox
Stephanie Crawford
Lewise and David Crockett
Theresa Cromidas
Mary Clayton and Russell Crow
Joseph and Joan Crowe
Cassi Crowley
Sylvie and Gary Crum
Mary Sue Cullins
Somers Culp
Merrill Curtis
Rob Daffin
Nicole Dalton
Tammie Davis
Chloe De Los Santos
Karen Debenport
Roberto B DelaCruz
Kayla Denton
Megan and Will Denton
Kirbie Derick
Mary Lou and Brian Derksen
Selma Dervisevic
Bryan DeSena
Julien Devereux
Annie Devoy
Susan Dickinson
Amanda and Michael Dickstein
Carol and Slaydon Diehl
Becka Dillon
Ellen Distel
Sloan and David Dix
Tiffany and Kyle Dixon
John Dodd
Jill Donahue
Kate and John Dorff
Taylor Dougherty
Chris Duncan
Vic Duncan
Heather and Jayson Dunston
Debby Duvall
Oliver Echeverry
DeAnne Edwards
Jon Edwards
Julia Edwards
Kathryn Edwards
Jana Beth Eidson
Kim and Jack Eimer
David Elliott
Vicki Elliott
Karen Everett
Channa Ewing
Mary Marjorie Fast
Beth Fenton
Brant & Ashley Ferguson
Jennifer Ferguson
Brian E. Ferrell Charitable Fund
Charlotte Ferrell
Tony Fierro
Mary Beth Fikse
Amy Filley
Mary Clare Finney
Diana Flanders
Laura Flanders
Denisa Fleck
Monika and Patrick Flood
Brenda Ford
Aimee Freeman
Ellen Freeman
Jan French
Jaclyn and Justin Friedman
Emily Fusz
Diane Galloway
Barbara and Edmund Garahan
John Garcia
Victoria Garcia
Sara Lee and Stanley Gardner
Kathy Garland
Read and Steven Gendler
Kristy George
Kristie and Mike George
Krystin and Joshua Gilbert
Roberta Giles
Diane Gilliam
Kit and Michael Gilson
David and Laurie Gipe
Kaye Glore
Chuck Godfrey
Dawn Godfrey
Sarah Godfrey
Sierra Godfrey
Amanda Goebel
Elissa Goldberg
Rene Gomez
Erik Gonzalez

Michelle Goolsby
Catherine Gordon
Shashi Gowda
Gretchen Gower
Lilli Gravley
Maci Gray
Olivia Gray
Rachel Green
Missy Greer
Suzanne Gregory
Nicole Griffin
Melissa Griffy
Tim Grigsby
Kelly Grindinger
Jason Grissom
Linda Grossman
Dorothy and Lee Groves
Tina Gwinn
Lynn Hailstone
Kimberly Hall
Sandra and George Hallmark
Galey Hanna
Brehn Hanson
Deborah Hanson
Sam Harrell
Jessica Hasten
Chris Haugen
Mylena Hawkins
Angela Heidman
Kathy and Larry Helm
Danielle and Matt Heston
Lisa Hickok
Luann Hicks
Barbara Hill
Kelsey and Jay Hills
Allison Hinkle
Lorena Holley
Teresa Hollingsworth
J Hollinshead
Chelsea Holt
Patty Hood
Barbara Hoover
Collin Horstman
Allison Housley
Sheila Housley
Wendell Housley
The Shirley Howard Giving Fund
Stephanie Howells
Julie Howery
Ashley and Matthew Howland
Victoria Huggins
Margaret Hunt
Amy and Dr. George Hurst
Leyna Huynh
Mary Ihfe
Ralph Ishmael
Catherine Ives
Gail Jackson
Mary Jackson
Gina and Greg Jackson
Dave Jacobs
Molly Jakkamsetti
Patricia James
Thomas Jareczek
Jason Jarvinen
Laura Jarvinen
Mike Jarvinen
Chillon Joersz
Carol Johns
Jackie Johnson
Karlie Johnson
Kathryn Johnson
Kerry Johnson
Kyle Johnson
Laurel R Johnson
Erin Johnston
Kory Jones
Maggie Jones
Rosalind Jones
Debbie Jordan
Cynthia Juarez
Nancy and John Jungman
Jay Juster
Leon Kaplan
Amber Kaprielian
James Kearins
Susan Kearins
Leslie Keffer
Ginavieve Keidel
William Kelly
Hannah Kennedy
Michelle Killian
Michelle Kinney
Gretchen Kita
Ashlee and Chris Kleinert
Jennifer Klune
Allison Knitch
Denise Knitch
Monica Knowles
Cynthia Koller
Lisa and Jason Kondikoff
Ben Kroencke
Jake Kroencke
Matt Kroencke
Jim and Darlene Kroencke
Scott and Tina Kroencke
James Krueger
Gloria Lafontaine
Amber Lancaster
Gloria Landry
Jenny Landry
Lolly and Jeff Landwehr
Annamari Lannon
Angela Larison
Marie Lassiter
Steve Latham
Kathleen LaValle
Tiffini and Corey Leaverton
Christi Lee
Mary Ann Lee
Alberta Lerch
Cheryl Leslie
Christine Lewis
Lee Libby
Joseph Libson
Amanda Longest
Kate and Will Walters
Anderia Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Mychele Lord
Melendy Lovett
Brenda Lunsford
Kathy and Tim Lyons
Scott MacPherson
Donna Malouf
Janet Mariani
Beverly Marr
Cynthia Marshall
JoAnne and Charlie Marshall
Sherri Martin
Anne Martinkus
Colby Mask
Whitney Mask
Sally and Kirby Mask
Mary and Luis Masters
Tiffani Mauldin
John and Joyce Mazero
Melissa McClure
Barry McCollom
Mia and Todd McCown
Christine McDanald
Ben McElroy
Tom and Laura McElroy
Erin McFarland
Sarah McGilberry
Charles McKeague
Becky McKinney
Charles McKinney
Hollis McMahon
Judith McMillen
Charlene and John McPherson
Elizabeth Mekker
Carolyn Mertz
Denise Mettica
Andrew Michlin
Brian Miller
Christina Miller
Clifton Miller
Debra Miller
Kirsten Miller
Natalie Miller
Diana and Brent Miller
Christy Milton
Bethany Mojica
Bobbie Molloy
Melisa Montague
Carl Moore
Hope Moore
JoAnne and Eddy Moore
Molly Morgan
Nichole Morgan
Cindy Morris
Carlin Morris
Michelle Morrison
Christina Morrow
Stephanie and Matt Muckleroy
Jayne Mulholland
Kirstin Mullins
Cynthia Murphy
Katie Murphy
Renee Mussato
Marisa Myers
Robert and Pamela Myers
Jim Nairne
Alice and Joseph Nalepka
Craig Nedrow
Vynessa and Justin Nemunaitis
Daffan Nettle
Shari and Russell Newhouse
Lindsey Nichols
Elva Norman
Kristina Norman
Marty Nouse
Diane Nowak
Amy Nunez
Mike Nurre
Lynn and David O'Hara
Susie and David M. O'Hara
Alexandra O'Sullivan
Gregory Olen
Patrice Olootu
Shirley Orman
Adrienne Ormand
Diana Ormand
Andy Orrock
Joe Orsak
Mary Orsak

Lisa Ottinger
Vicki Page
Margaret Paine
Cheryl and Frank Parker
Allison and Ben Parkey
Catherine Patel
Dhiren Patel
Tosca and Hector Patino
Christine Peake
Andrew Pearce
Stacia Pease
Thomas Peck
Katie and Sam Peck
Stephen Penrose
Dana and Jonathan Perlman
Dr. Roxanne and Dr. Colin Pero
Margot Perot
Michael Phillips
Carolyn Pierce
Chloe Pierce
James Pierce
Robin Plotkin
Anne and Blake Pogue
Cristin and Blair Pogue
Elizabeth Pomajzl
Sandra Prater
Andrew Pressly
Nancy and Bill Pressly
Deana Prokos
George Puckett
Crystal Rabara
The Galbraith Raley Charitable Fund
Ralph McBride Randall
Linda and Robert Rau
Ashlee Reaves
Kolton Reaves
Lane Reed
Pat and David Reed
Marvel Reese
Randall Reid
Carolyn Reindollar
Emma Reppeto
Deveri and Will Reppeto
Elizabeth and Jonathan Bond
Lesley Revuelto
Ashley Richard
Kelly and Jennifer Riley
Holly Rio
Michael Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Leah F. Robinson
Renee Rochin
Ryan Rogers
Delaney Rolfe
Missy Rosner
Carolyn and Floyd Ross
Rebecca Royall
Lisa and Kenny Rubenstein
Melinda Russ
Beau Russell
Noelia Saenz
Dolly Sandoval
Morgan Sauseda
Joseph Savard
Audrey Savins
Beth Scalise
William Scarborough
Shy and Amy Scheihagen
Jean Schendle
Becky Scherr
Sabrina and Adam Schiller
Amber Schlaht
Mandy Schulz
Sandy Schwan
Bridget Scott
Heather Scruggs
Eileen Sebold
Regan Seckel
Amanda Seitzler
Adam Seymour
Arlettia Sharp
Jack Shaw
Laura Shaw
Pamela Shaw
Harriet Shaw and Mary Macgregor
Stephanie Sheppard Terranova
Christi Sherman
Nancy Shirley
Austin Shook
Kelly Shook
Matt Shook
Valerie and Kyle Shortall
Christine Shortt
Jennifer and Brian Shotwell
Ryan Shuey
Scott Shuey
Brooke Shults
Conni Shults
Valerie Shurden
Ashley Siddons
Juliet Siddons
Valerie Siharaj
Ashley Sladecek
Josh Slay
Ellen Smith
Laura Smith
Neal Smith
Shay Smith
Stephen Smith
Wesley Smith
Lisa Snodgrass
Clayton R. Snyder
The Gracewater Fund
Carly Sorenson
Jennings Soto
Karen Southard
Paige and Richard Sowden
Audrey Speck
Michelle Spurgeon
Carrie Stacks
Eric Stanley
Chris Stapleton
Dina Steele
Catherine Stewart
Jenny Stobaugh
Donald Milton Stokes
Jonna Stout
Mersina Stubbs
Shawn Marie Swagerty
Carroll Swanson
Connie Swanston
Mary Tabor
Vicki Tamborello
Paul and Erin Tate
Lawanda Taylor
Patricia Taylor
Ramona Taylor
Sophia and Josh Taylor
Darian Teague
Lindsey Terrell
Amy Terry
Angie Terry
Kade Terry
Kylee Terry
Sean Terry
Priyanka Thacker
Lindsay and Michael Thomas
Chris Thompson
The Goizueta Foundation
Michael Thornton
William Toates
Barb and Mike Tonti
Rose Torgerson
Oscar Torres Diaz
Lance Travis
Kelly Treat
Kendra Trevino
Katie Trungale
Mandy Turnbaugh
Brittany Uptegrove
Melissa and Steve Utley
Nick Valez
Lee Ann and Steve Van Amburgh Foundation
Maggie Van Zandt
Debbie VanZant
Rosa Vargas
Patricia Vazquez
Sherryl and John Viars
Mercedes Villarreal
Lora Vincent
Jonathan and Patti Vinson
Heather Wallace
Charlotte Walters
Rupert and Jamie Walters
Daisy Wang
Patty Watson
Garry Weber
Jennifer Webster
Jane Weempe
Martha Weir
Sherry Welton
Jennifer Welty
Paula and David Whisenant
Magyn Whitaker
Karen White
Karen Hughes White
Sherry Wiggs
Taylor Willcox
Barb Williams
Bradley Williams
Claire Williams
Kelly Williams
Angela and Scott Williams
Andrea and Dennis Williamson
Stephen and Marsha Williamson
Judy Willoughby
The Wilson Family Fund
Catherine Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
Laura Wilson
Christian Wojciechowski
Wendy Wolff White
Cynthia Wolfram
Grace Wonderly
Jason Wood
Kendahl Wood
Lois Nester Woodward
Daniel Writer
Juliana Writer
Astrid and Lawrence Writer
Christine Wylie
Kathy and John Yeaman
Gail York
Landon Young
Kady and Marty Younkman
Lydia Zarate
Jack and Nancy Zogg
Julie Zvara

Norm and Robin Bagwell
Dr. Kay Colbert and Carlos Barroso
Jeff Begert
Claire and Nick Bowen
Diane and Dr. John Brooks
Lucinda and Barry Buford
Neva Cochran
Blake Corrigan
Annette Dickerson
Tina Shuey and Laurie Evans
Rick and Claudia Ferrara
Nancy Gottsacker

Alyson Griffith
Klint and Natalie Guerry
Louise Hallam
Laran O’Neill and Larry Helms
Ann Henson
Dr. Randy Hunter
Julie and Kregg Jodie
Delia Johnson
Dave and Lisa Kroencke
Susan Larkin
Sandra and Mike Looney
Doug and Nancy McMahon
Baker and Mary Montgomery
Lacy and Maggie Montgomery
Nancy T. and Dr. Jim Montgomery
Peggy Moore
Elizabeth and Neil Moseley
Kallie and Craig Myers
Susan Schlehuber
Robin Seckel
Lourdes Stokes

100 Men of Dallas
Altrusa International of Richardson Foundation Inc
Dallas Mavericks Foundation
Fannie & Stephen Kahn Charitable Foundation
First United Methodist Church of Dallas
Gil and Dody Weaver Foundation
Hattie Mae Lesley Foundation
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Hirsch Family Foundation
Jeffrey A. Carter Foundation
Kappa Kappa Gamma Tablescapes
Midway Hills Christian Church
Rietzke Family and Community Foundation
Rod Sanders Sep Prop
Rowling Foundation
Sam and Marille Sparks East Town Osteopathic Foundation
Slave 2 Nothing Foundation
TEB Foundation
The Corrigan-Goddard Foundation
The David M. Crowley Foundation
The Discovery Foundation
The Hoglund Foundation
The Moozie Foundation
The Robert R. and Kay M. Onstead Foundation
The William and Phyllis Snyder Foundation
Theodore and Beulah Beasley Foundation

Comerica Bank
First United Bank
Texas Security Bank
Town East Bingo
Ben E. Keith Foundation
McKesson Foundation
Cerulean Gallery
Barrington Gifts
Fortress Investment Group
Sewell Automotive Group
United Way of Denton County Inc.
Vie Nail Bar LLC
H-E-B Central Market
General Motors
Blue Print
TA Realty
Kendra Scott
PennyMac Loan Services
Finley Shirts
State Fair of Texas