“While at The Magdalen House, one of my front teeth became very painful and infected. The whole right side of my face swelled up. Thank God Maggie’s called Agape Clinic, and they saw me the next day. Agape Clinic was kind and caring and pulled my tooth that day, and it was at no cost to me. Now, they are helping me get dentures also for free. I am eternally grateful for all the help Agape gave me and continue to give the less fortunate in our community.”

– Lynne Miner, Social Detox Alumna

As soon as an alcoholic woman like Lynne is ready and willing to receive help, whether she’s on the other end of the phone or walking through the doors of The Magdalen House, we want to do everything we can to help her achieve sobriety and sustain recovery. But every alcoholic woman we serve is different, and in many cases like Lynne’s, these women have needs that require addressing alongside their alcoholism.

Helping Alcoholic Women, Together

Cases like Lynne’s are where partners like the Agape Clinic come in. We knew we needed to educate our community about the disease of alcoholism and bring awareness to The Magdalen House services. We also realized that we needed to establish partnerships to meet the needs that lie beyond the scope of our services. Thus, we created the Community Outreach Program to connect with nonprofits whose specific missions help us to provide a better quality of life for the people in our community.

The Agape Clinic provides critical services to the Dallas-Fort Worth community, and we are so grateful for their partnership. The nonprofit, charity medical and dental clinic is entirely privately funded, with many of the independent donations coming from the patients themselves. And, like The Magdalen House, they provide services regardless of zip code, access to insurance, citizenship, or income level.

Partnering with the Agape Clinic

More often than not, we are serving clients like Lynne, who come to us after not having received health or dental care for quite some time, many of whom lack insurance. Most recently, we’ve noticed that women are frequently dealing with tooth pain or infection that is so painful they cannot participate in our program or focus on the meetings. Our partnership with the Agape Clinic allows a woman like Lynne to receive the immediate care she needs to participate in our program fully and focus on her recovery. Additionally, the Agape Clinic serves as a resource once she leaves to receive additional care, whether it be dental, primary care, or women’s health.

Thank you, Agape Clinic, for all that you do in our community!

Learn More: www.theagapeclinic.org

Images provided by the Agape Clinic


By focusing on what we do well while engaging organizations that meet unique needs, we’re not only able to unify and educate one another, but we are also able to build a stronger community together.