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12-Steps Everyday

The Magdalen House has daily 12-Step meetings provided by volunteers in our recovery community at our home in Little Forest Hills.
To ensure that we always maintain a safe and supportive environment for our clients, we have formalized our Code of Conduct for Maggie’s meetings. As of April 7th,2019 ALL* meetings held at The Magdalen House are WOMEN-ONLY.

*with the exception of Birthday Night and Family Support Group

View a printable version of our meeting schedule.

Time Meeting Chair
10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Ainsley David/Lauren McElroy
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Cindy Murphy
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Kaki Andrus
7:00pm Maggie’s Women’s Group Story Series* Story Speaker
*First Monday of the month is Birthday Night!
Time Meeting Chair
10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Lisa Kroencke/Nina Herndon
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Melissa Chiranky
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Nancy McMahon/Caroline Murphy
7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting  Primary Purpose Group (AA)
Time Meeting Chair
10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Rachele Walters/Mary Shuford
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Cat Adcock
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Deveri Reppeto
6:30pm Family Support Meeting Maggie’s Family Support
8:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Solutions (AA)
Time Meeting Chair
10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Page O’Connor/Taylor Stokes
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Deanna Richardson
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Callahan Hall
7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Addison Group (AA)
Time Meeting Chair
10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Lee Libby/Heather Henry
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Harriet Shaw
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Rosalind Jones
7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Cornerstone (AA)
Time Meeting Chair
10:00am Yoga Yoga Volunteer
12:00pm Saturday Steps: In-Depth Steps 4-9 Monthly Speaker
2:30pm Saturday Steps: In-Depth Steps 10-12 Angela Davis
7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Bishop Arts Group/Clean Air North/Aquarius Group (AA)
Time Meeting Chair
11:00am Women’s Speaker Meeting Story Speaker
6:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Lake Highlands Group (AA)

Unique programming for women in recovery facing different obstacles than men, no comparable facility in North Texas.


Women come to us with depleted resources, no insurance, and no hope.

Peer Implemented Programming

Keeps operating costs low while leveraging community collaboration for increased impact.

Comprehensive Programming

26 solution-based classes and meetings open for all women in recovery seven days a week. Transitional and supportive programs that are unique to The Magdalen House to sustain long-term on-going recovery.