Community Volunteer Program

Provides service and volunteer opportunities for the local Dallas recovery community and the Dallas/Ft. Worth community as a whole. Our budget is sustainable because of our active, dedicated volunteers – YOU are the reason why our community is thriving.


Magnolia Women’s Group

Upon completion of the Social Detox Program, clients transition into the Magnolia Women’s Group. The Magnolia Women’s Group provides continuity of services which builds a foundation for permanent, sustainable recovery. The alumni meetings are OPEN to all women in the DFW recovery community, not just alumnae.


Family Support Group

Established in 2012, it is one of our fastest growing programs. Meets weekly at 6:30 on Wednesdays to support families and friends of alcoholics. Our family support meetings are open to anyone with a friend or loved one suffering from alcoholism – come get hope from family and friends who have had the same experiences.


Unique programming for women in recovery facing different obstacles than men, no comparable facility in North Texas.


Women come to us with depleted resources, no insurance, and no hope.

Peer Implemented Programming

Keeps operating costs low while leveraging community collaboration for increased impact.

Comprehensive Programming

26 solution-based classes and meetings open for all women in recovery seven days a week. Transitional and supportive programs that are unique to The Magdalen House to sustain long-term on-going recovery.