Next Step: A Supportive, Educational, No-Cost Alternative to Clinical Outpatient Treatment

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Since June of 1987, The Magdalen House has worked toward a single purpose: helping women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery from alcoholism. And for over three decades, we have helped thousands of alcoholic women through our 14-day residential First Step program and 12-Step recovery classes, meetings, and workshops.

While we informally introduced the program in 2020, now that we have implemented a database and additional staff members to help facilitate additional groups, we are excited to launch The Next Step program officially.

Next Step: Support, Education, and Accountability

Our Next Step program provides support, education, and accountability to any alcoholic woman at any stage of recovery. Through Next Step, alcoholic women receive a structured alternative to a traditional clinical outpatient treatment, at absolutely no cost.

Similar to clinical outpatient treatment, participants receive ongoing care and support from staff and peers, along with weekly requirements that include accountability groups and recovery-based assignments.

Unique to our Next Step program, and unlike traditional clinical outpatient treatment, participants are provided weekly, staff-taught Big Book workshops where they get to study the 12 Steps in an in-depth, interactive format. Additionally, participants have exclusive access to listen and ask questions in live recordings of “Recovered: Interviews with Alcoholic Women,” part of The Magdalen House Podcast.

Ultimately the program teaches alcoholic women how to use and apply the 12 Steps in their everyday lives to experience long-term, sustainable recovery.

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A New Way to Help Alcoholic Women

A couple of years ago, we found ourselves asking, “But what about alcoholic women seeking more – those who don’t need or qualify for our Social Detox program, but desire something more structured than meetings alone?” Ultimately, it led us to develop what is now known as our Next Step program.

After a successful beta program group launched in the fall of 2019, the word was out. By March 2020, we had two full groups with a waitlist. As women graduated and spots opened up, our waitlist continued to grow. We added a third group in the summer and a fourth and fifth in the fall.

Plans to add the sixth group is in the works to launch very soon, and we will continue growing our Next Step program over the next year.

Reaching More Alcoholic Women

While we created Next Step to be an in-person program, the global pandemic pushed us to adapt to a virtual format. As a result, women from across the nation have had the opportunity to participate. While we plan to resume several of Next Step groups in-person once we can, we will continue offering virtual-only groups to better reach more alcoholic women – both near and far.