12-Steps Everyday

The Magdalen House has daily 12-Step meetings provided by volunteers in our recovery community at our home in Little Forest Hills.
To ensure that we always maintain a safe and supportive environment for our clients, we have formalized our Code of Conduct for Maggie’s meetings. As of April 7th,2019 ALL* meetings held at The Magdalen House are WOMEN-ONLY.

*with the exception of Birthday Night and Family Support Group

View a printable version of our meeting schedule.

10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Ainsley David/Ashleigh Castleberry/Teresa Hollingsworth
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Cindy Murphy
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Kimberly Kelly/Tina Shuey
7:00pm Maggie’s Women’s Group Story Series** Story Speaker

**On the first Monday of the month, Birthday Night replaces this meeting.

10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Lisa Kroencke/Nina Herndon
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Melissa Chiranky
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Nancy McMahon/Caroline Murphy
7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Primary Purpose Group (AA)
10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Rachele Walters/Mary Shuford
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Cat Adcock
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Deveri Reppeto
6:30pm Family Support Meeting Family Support
8:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Solutions (AA)
10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Page O’Connor/Taylor Stokes
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Deanna Richardson
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Callahan Hall
7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Addison Group (AA)
10:00am Staff Led Women’s Meeting Lee Libby/Lauren McElroy
12:00pm Women’s Step Study Harriet Shaw
2:30pm Women’s Big Book Study Rosalind Jones
7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Cornerstone (AA)
10:00am Yoga Yoga Volunteer
12:00pm Saturday Steps: In-Depth Steps 4-9 Monthly Speaker
2:30pm Saturday Steps: In-Depth Steps 10-12 Angela Davis
7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Bishop Arts Group/Clean Air North Group/Aquarius Group (AA)
11:00am Women’s Speaker Meeting Story Speaker
6:00pm Women’s AA Meeting Lake Highlands Group (AA)


An estimated 251,364 alcoholic women are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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Our Alcohol Detox Program Serves as a non-clinical, mutual help approach to the problem of alcohol dependency for women.

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