In taking precautionary measures related to COVID-19, The Magdalen House has suspended all in-person meetings and phase requirements for The Next Step program. However, we have made temporary virtual modifications in the interim, and we are currently accepting new Next Step participants.

The purpose of The Next Step Program is to provide accountability and structure to any alcoholic woman seeking to sustain and grow in her recovery from alcoholism.

” The Next Step program has enhanced and strengthened my sobriety in ways I never imagined! It has helped me to remain accountable, and there is so much love and support from the ladies in the group. I highly recommend this program to every alcoholic woman. It has helped me grow in my recovery, kept me on a routine, and makes me honored and happy to be a part of.”

Next Step Program Details

The Next Step Program is a three-phase program that lasts approximately three months and consists of step work, meeting attendance, guided reading, accountability group meetings, volunteering, shadowing meeting chairs, and more. It is open to any alcoholic woman, at any stage of her recovery, who is seeking accountability and tools that grow and sustain her recovery in a structured program.

  • 100% free – no insurance, no co-pays, no out of pocket costs 
  • Women-only program with 12-Step focused curriculum
  • Primary addiction must be alcohol, and minimum sobriety requirement is 72 hours
  • Phone screenings and admissions are accepted Monday – Friday 
  • Open to any alcoholic woman, at any stage of her recovery
  • Can be utilized as aftercare by Social Detox Alumna and women who have received in-patient alcoholism treatment services
  • Serves as a standalone program for women who did not seek in-patient or detox services


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About The Next Step


The Next Step is a Peer Recovery Program at The Magdalen House. The Peer Recovery Program provides recovery enrichment through year-round, peer-implemented programming to provide any alcoholic woman the opportunity to find and sustain lifelong recovery, at absolutely no-cost. While our Peer Recovery Program does serve as an aftercare program for Social Detox Program alumnae, it also serves as an open community for any alcoholic woman seeking sustained recovery, fellowship, service, and improved quality of life, to have the opportunity to engage in community, fellowship, meetings, and service opportunities. Studies show that actively helping others get sober is directly related to one’s own quality of recovery, and the Peer Recovery Program is based on this simple philosophy: when one alcoholic woman helps another, she helps herself in the process.

Why The Magdalen House?

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