Thank you for visiting our page with information regarding our proposed expansion. We are excited about the possibility of helping even more individuals with alcoholism recover, but want to make sure we do so with the support of our neighbors and community. We hope the information on this page is both informative and educational. Please review and if you have any further questions, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at

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It is estimated that one in six American adult men suffers from alcoholism1. To put that into perspective, based on the 2022 population of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex there are an estimated 500,000 men struggling with alcohol in our community. Those who have experienced incredible changes through our current services have requested the creation of a program for men. Men suffering from alcoholism deserve access to free comprehensive services and a continuum of care. Taking a holistic approach to family, our mission is to provide those who suffer from alcoholism with the solution to lifelong recovery and restore families within our communities.

The inclusion of both men and women allows for a 100% increase in the individuals served while only increasing operational costs by an estimated 30%.

Programming will be identical:

  • The screening processes
  • The First Step program, including intake requirements and supervision, except all staff and volunteers working with men will be male.
  • Non-residential programs, recovery meetings, and family support groups.
  • House rules and security measures.

However, a new facility will be needed to accommodate this growth.

1 Grant et al., 2017

To promote the quality of programming and the safety and security of participants, all aspects of the men’s and women’s programming will be completely separated, including a physical separation of homes for both the residential and non-residential programs.

  • No joint programs or sessions will be held for First Step or Next Step participants.
  • Meals will be served in separate buildings.
  • Male staff and volunteers will provide all direct services to male participants and female staff and volunteers will provide all direct services to female participants. There will not be any crossover between genders.

The mission of The Magdalen House is to help women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery from alcoholism at no cost and based on 12-Step spiritual principles.

We do this through the following programs:

  • A two-week, residential program for an alcoholic woman who wants to stop drinking but cannot. The house can
  • First Step Program: A two-week, residential program for an alcoholic woman who wants to stop drinking but cannot. The house can accommodate up to 20 women with rolling admissions.
  • Next Step Program: A three-phase, non-residential program that provides support and structure for an alcoholic woman at any stage of recovery.
  • Community: Solution-focused classes, meetings, and workshops open to all alcoholic women at every stage of recovery, offered 365 days a year. Additionally, Family Support meetings provided to the families and loved ones of alcoholics and addicts.
  • Resources and Education: Education about the disease of alcoholism and community partnerships that help connect alcoholic women and their families to resources such as sober living, women’s health, and counseling.
  • Women Only: We provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for women to recover from alcoholism.
  • Peer-Implemented: Our community of recovered, alcoholic women is uniquely qualified to guide and equip newly sober women to find a solution.
  • No Cost: We believe that every alcoholic woman, regardless of her resources, deserves the opportunity to recover at no cost.
  • Privately Funded: We are 100% privately funded– we don’t accept government funding or insurance.
  • Continuum of Recovery: Our programs are offered year-round to women at every stage of sobriety, supporting a lifetime of sustainable recovery.
  • Comprehensive Services: Our broad spectrum of recovery programs includes First Step, Next Step, Recovery Meetings, Family Support, and more.

All participants are here by choice and are thoroughly vetted via an intensive phone screen process in order to qualify for the residential and non-residential programs.

Who we admit:

  • Individuals must undergo an intensive phone screen. Walk-up requests are not admitted; all prospective participants must call themselves and be approved for admission.
  • No one is admitted due to court mandates or against their will.
  • Those who are able to care for themselves in an independent manner.
  • Those whose primary addiction is alcohol, not drugs or other substances.
  • Individuals without severe mental health issues or those who do not require a higher level of care. Those requiring a higher level of care or medical assistance are not treated at The Magdalen House, but are referred to various community partners for treatment.

The Magdalen House was founded in 1987 by four female alcoholics who saw the need for a safe place in North Texas where women struggling with alcoholism could receive help without needing insurance or any additional financial resources. The first house was located on Lovers Lane near Midway, where clients were served for nine years.

As the need for services increased, the agency moved to its home on Redwood Circle in the Little Forest Hills neighborhood of East Dallas where it operated for 25 years. The Magdalen House became an integral part of the neighborhood community and was a beloved part of the area. Events and benefits were held to support The Magdalen House at this home, and neighbors were a vital part of its success. The Little Forest Hills Neighborhood Association designated The Magdalen House as one of their holiday fund recipients for nearly its entire 25-year operation. There are many friends there who are happy to tell others that The Magdalen House was an extremely good neighbor and a benefit to the local community.

The Magdalen House security protocol is a vital element to the success of its programming. Strict rules and regulations are in place to protect both the participants and the staff. The women are prohibited from leaving the premises unaccompanied by staff or volunteers, and strict curfews are enforced. The agency does not tolerate breaking house rules and those who do not adhere to these procedures are asked to leave immediately.

Additional Security Requirements:

  • First Step participants are supervised by at least two staff members or trained volunteers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • First Step participants are not allowed off-campus during their stay, except during a supervised walk around the block in groups of 4 or less.
  • House alarm is set at 11 pm and turned off at 5 am.
  • Loitering on the front porch is prohibited.
  • No cell phones are allowed for residential participants.
  • Participants who break house rules are asked to leave immediately.
  • Any outside visitor that appears intoxicated is asked to leave immediately.
  • All visitors must check in and wear a badge at all times.
The Magdalen House is 100% privately funded through individual gifts and foundation grants. It does not accept on-going government assistance or payment from insurance. The agency also pays local property taxes despite its designation as a 501(c)(3).