Fighting the Stigma | Communities Foundation of Texas Awards The Magdalen House with Best Integrated Marketing Campaign

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Community, Events, Impact, Stigma

A couple of weeks ago, just as the communications team was brainstorming a way to publicly celebrate exceeding 1,500 followers on Instagram, a much bigger achievement dropped into our laps.

That day, we received word that Better Benefit Consultants partnering with Communities Foundation of Texas had chosen The Magdalen House’s North Texas Giving Day campaign for “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign” and were awarding us $3,000 generously.

For anyone who may not be aware of what role marketing plays with Maggie’s, let us illuminate the impact of this gift for our organization. We fight the stigma surrounding alcoholism by talking about it. Our reach, meaning how many people see us online, matters in a very real and quantifiable sense. It means someone somewhere may remember our names when their loved one needs help. Often, it’s not the alcoholic that secures treatment options for themselves, but a loved one, meaning the more reach we have digitally, translates directly into referrals – translating directly into lives saved – lives of alcoholics and family members alike.

“66% of the women we serve are mothers. When you invest in mothers, you invest in families, and when you invest in families, you invest in communities. The strength of our community and our shared future thrives when families are forever.”

This award also served to inspire connection among our staff and community members. Team members who aren’t involved in the creation of content still became heavily invested in helping that content perform by sharing it with their audience and engaging with the agency’s posts. Alternatively, those who typically interact less with the women in our recovery programs got to engage with them on a more intimate level. There is no doubt it feels wonderful to raise over $100k in one day and to win an additional $3,000 on top of that is icing on an already wonderful cake. But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the deep and meaningful connections that were made among the staff and our recovery community during this year’s North Texas Giving Day campaign.

We’re honored to have been chosen among the over 3,000 nonprofits that participated this year and the 75 who submitted for this award. While the recognition is beyond humbling, what we hope to achieve with any marketing endeavor here at Maggie’s is simply reach. If just one woman is hiding in her closet, or a desperate family member without resources finds us while scrolling Instagram: that’s one more life we’ve potentially saved, as well as the countless lives connected to her.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to North Texas Giving Day and Better Benefit Consultants for celebrating our hard work and helping us shatter the stigma of alcoholism.