Make your birthday a little extra special by hosting a Facebook birthday fundraiser benefiting The Magdalen House!

How can I help?

First, ensure your birthday is listed on your Facebook profile. You do not need to include your birth-year, and your birthday does not need to be publicly listed outside of your friends. Click here for information on how to list your birthday on Facebook. Once listed, two weeks before your birthday, Facebook will send you a message on your homepage prompting you to host a birthday fundraiser. Simply click on the pop-up and follow the instructions!

Once your fundraiser is live, invite your Facebook friends to participate to increase the reach of your fundraiser!

It’s not my birthday, but I would still like to help!

If it is not your birthday, but you would still like to host a fundraiser for The Magdalen House, no worries! Click here to go to our Facebook fundraisers page. Once there, on the right side of the page, click on the “Raise Money” prompt, review the information that pops up on the “Details” page, and click “Create” on the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Why do Facebook fundraisers matter?

Did you know that friends, family, and social media are three ways community members find out about The Magdalen House’s mission and programming? By hosting a Facebook birthday fundraiser, you are not only generating donations for The Magdalen House, but raising awareness about alcoholism and helping The Magdalen House reach alcoholic women desperate for help.