Last week we met some of our Gaston Project partners – Amanda Adler from OMNIPLAN, Hector Patino from KDC, and Bruce Baughmen from BufordHawthorne – onsite at 4513 Gaston Ave to receive updates on construction.

KDC and OMNIPLAN have been integral in this process from the very first day. They have both enlisted multiple different companies to participate in this project alongside them in graciously providing their services pro-bono. Their attitude of generosity and belief in the mission of The Magdalen House has been inspiring.

BufordHawthorne brings the best experience in custom builds in the business to the table. They have gone above and beyond to help make our dream a reality. We are thankful to work with their fantastic team!

Why Do You Give?

It’s humbling when you ask people that have given so much to provide a few sentences briefly answering the question, “Why have you chosen to give your time, energy, and resources to The Magdalen House Gaston Project?” and they respond with gratitude. How lucky are we that we get to do this work together?

Amanda Adler – OMNIPLAN:

“I give to The Magdalen House because there are an estimated 251,364 women in the grasp of alcoholism in DFW alone. Every day we go to work with them, we go to school with them, and we see them in the store, but we do not know their silent battle. Maggie’s House knows their challenges, their fears, and their dreams, and they make it possible for every woman to live a life free from alcoholism by offering a recovery program at zero cost to the alcoholic woman and her family. The women in this program are real, genuine, and compassionate people who have made it to the other side. It is a beautiful miracle to witness a woman, who is recovered, help another achieve sobriety, and regain her power and purpose.”

Hector Patino – KDC:

“It is a privilege to be able to help a great organization that serves women in need. The stories are touching, and knowing that my small contribution will positively impact women and their families makes this all worth it! It is refreshing to know that this project will be the beginning of a new chapter to the great history of The Magdalen House. I am happy that The Magdalen House will continue to change the lives of women and their families for now and years to come! Thank You for allowing me to be part of a great team; it is truly an honor and a privilege. I am excited and can’t wait until we complete this great project.”

Barry Buford – BufordHawthorne:

“I’ve been involved in The Magdalen House for about a year and am more impressed by this recovery community with each day that passes. The remarkable thing to me is that not only is Maggie’s House a place for the women to find recovery and keep it, but’s it’s a place where we can all discover the best of ourselves as we unite with each other in the common good. Words cannot express my gratefulness for this group, and I’m excited for what the future holds for Maggie’s House.”

Week 14 Progress

In week 14, the teams have started building the foundation of what will be the Community Room, which is where alcoholic women and their families will gather for daily classes and meetings, workshops, birthday nights, holiday dinners, family and sponsor visits, and more. The best news? It will hold twice what the current meeting room holds, which is incredible considering the PACKED January Birthday Night with standing room only.

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Please help us meet our $3.4M fundraising goal so that we can relocate The Magdalen House to 4513 Gaston Ave. in early 2021. Your gift is an investment in HOPE for thousands of alcoholic women in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

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