North Texas Giving Day is an 18-hour online giving extravaganza happening on September 19, 2019.

Pre-scheduled giving is now open, meaning you can schedule your donation for North Texas Giving Day! We invite you to make a donation to The Magdalen House today for North Texas Giving Day in honor of an alcoholic woman in your life.

Judy’s story is absolutely beautiful. It’s a theme that we are continually blessed by: those women and families that we serve, turn around, walk through our doors, and serve the new women and families at Maggie’s.
Judy is a dedicated volunteer in our Family Support Group, actively calling women’s family members to invite them to learn more about their loved one’s disease of alcoholism. Not only is Judy a rockstar volunteer, she is also a financial supporter that equips us on our vision to build a thriving community of recovered women and their families — one woman at a time.

Why Judy Gives to The Magdalen House

❝ I am an enthusiastic supporter of The Magdalen House for the simple reason to give back that which has so freely been given to me and my family. My daughter was a client at the house several years ago and, although she did not have the desperation to embrace recovery at that time, I know her experience at Maggie’s provided her with a solid foundation from which she is now making progress in her recovery journey. Maggie’s House also saved my broken heart by teaching me about the disease of alcoholism, offering recommendations for my own healing and has given me wonderful friends through the Family Support Group. It is my privilege to support this invaluable organization. ❞ – Judy Cogan, Donor and Family Support Volunteer

Get Up and Give for North Texas Giving Day

On one day, one community can come together to help one woman at a time.

We invite you to Get Up and Give for North Texas Giving Day on Thursday, September 19th, and donate to The Magdalen House in honor of one alcoholic woman in your life. Now that pre-scheduled giving has opened, you can easily schedule your donation to The Magdalen House, automating your September 19th donation.

  • $5: can provide one woman with coffee
  • $10: can provide one woman with a “Big Book”
  • $100: can provide one woman with a day in our Social Detox Program
  • $1500: can provide one woman with a full, two-week stay in our Social Detox Program
pre-schedule your donation now!