Frequently asked questions about The Magdalen House Next Step program.

What is the Next Step program?

Next Step is a three-phase, non-residential program for alcoholic women. Participants are provided with support and structure to sustain sobriety and grow in long-term recovery from alcoholism. The program takes approximately three months to complete.

Who is Next Step for?

Next Step is for an alcoholic woman who (any of the following):

  • is newly sober, OR
  • has established sobriety and is seeking to grow in her recovery

What’s required of a woman who wants to participate in Next Step?

We ask that women desire to learn and grow in their recovery while actively participating in the program.

Requirements include:

  • Must identify as an alcoholic, AND
  • 72 hours of sobriety

If these two criteria are met, she is eligible for a phone screening.


What are the three phases?

Each phase of Next Step is about one month and builds on the previous stage, adding new requirements to the existing ones.

Phase One

Focus: Participants build a foundation in the 12-Step program outlined in our curriculum, the Big Book, and start to connect to The Magdalen House community.

This phase begins with getting a sponsor if she doesn’t have one and being paired up with a “Next Step Sister,” who is further along in Next Step. Each participant in phase one is required to attend a set number of Maggie’s 12-Step recovery meetings, work on assignments designed to enrich her recovery, and attend her designated Next Step Accountability Group once a week.

Phase Two

Focus: Being of service and giving to others.

In addition to phase one requirements, each participant will begin a four-week mentorship with an assigned Meeting Chair. During her mentorship, she will learn how to “carry this message,” as outlined in step 12, where each week, she will have more responsibility, followed by direct feedback from her mentor. By the end of phase two, she will be working on steps 10, 11, and 12.

Phase Three

Focus: Learning and growing in leadership.

New in this phase, each woman will have the opportunity to share her story with the larger Maggie’s community, help lead Next Step Daily Check-Ins, and chair a meeting at The Magdalen House on her own. Upon her graduation, she will have a regular commitment to “carry this message,” to take on leadership roles within Next Step program, and be an official backup Meeting Chair for The Magdalen House meetings.

What is an Accountability Group?

Each Accountability Group has eight alcoholic women. During this weekly meeting, participants share what step they are on if they met weekly requirements, the last time they spoke with their sponsor, how they are staying connected to other alcoholics, what they’re doing to help others, a highlight of the week, and more.

It is not only an opportunity to be held accountable, but it also allows participants to build fellowship with more alcoholic women in recovery.

How does Next Step differ from other recovery services at The Magdalen House?

With the addition of Next Step, we now have three core recovery services at The Magdalen House:

  • First Step gives alcoholic women the tools – the 12 Steps – to begin a recovery journey.
  • Next Step teaches alcoholic women how to use and apply the 12 Steps in their everyday lives.
  • Meetings, classes, and workshops provide opportunities to learn about and practice the 12 Steps.

Is Next Step only for First Step Alumna?

No, First Step is not a pre-requisite for enrolling in Next Step. Our Next Step program is open to all alcoholic women.

Is Next Step required after First Step?

No, First Step Alumna are not required to enroll in Next Step upon completing their 14-day stay, but they are encouraged to consider the option.


The purpose of our Next Step program is to provide accountability and structure to any alcoholic woman seeking to sustain and grow in her recovery from alcoholism. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’d love to help you.