Meet Edye Mitchell: Volunteer of the Year

by | Apr 23, 2023 | #Gratitude, Community, Service, Volunteer

Meet our Volunteer of the Year, Edye Mitchell!

“We want to thank you for being such a valuable member of our volunteer team at The Magdalen House. You are always so respectful and kind to the people we serve. I know you brighten up their days with your smile and encouraging words.

Reaching out to an organization like us for help is no easy task, and you recognize how strong the people we serve are. It takes a special person to always be so kind but also sensitive to the needs of each individual.

You truly represent our values at Maggie’s. Thank you for showing such compassion to the people we help. You make our mission possible, and we couldn’t be more grateful for amazing volunteers like you. Your dedication as a volunteer is an inspiration to others.”

-Teresa Hollingsworth, First Step Program Manager

Edye + The Magdalen House = ????

Volunteer Manager, Kelly Williams, sat down with Edye to learn a little bit about how she first got involved at Maggie’s and what service means to her. Here’s what she had to say:

Kelly: Congratulations and thank you for being our Volunteer of the Year! We are so lucky to have you. So let’s start with you briefly describing how you first got connected to Maggie’s.
Edye: Well while being treated for depression by a psychiatrist and showing a high level of alcohol on a UA for a treatment I was about to start, a member of their staff who had been personally helping me with some issues knew of The Magdalen House through a friend. They suggested it to me as a long term opportunity for me for a better life.

K: What was the first thing you did as a volunteer and how has volunteering evolved for you?
E: My first volunteer opportunity was helping with the moving process from Redwood Circle to Gaston Avenue. I signed in and labeled new items to go to the new house. It was so exciting. From that whole move in process to now overnighting regularly, which I couldn’t wait to graduate Next Step in order to do, I showed up to do whatever there was to do. I LOVE overnighting. I want to be there to welcome the ladies into our home and help love them while they’re on their way to sobriety.

K: How has volunteering impacted your quality of life?
E: Volunteering really makes me pause and remember we are all the same and need love, respect, and kindness every day. That goes a long way every day, all the time, and it really makes a big difference in a person’s life.

K: What have been the most inspiring experiences you’ve had as a volunteer at Maggie’s?
E: Watching that “Spiritual Awakening” happen. It’s different of course for each person, but it’s beautiful to witness it happening, and to hear and/or see the excitement or peace come over someone.

K: What does Gratitude in Actionmean to you?

E: Doing and giving back all that you can to show how grateful you are to be alive and being a vessel for God to use to help where ever you are needed the most.

Edye’s Volunteer Impact:
Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Year, Edye Mitchell! Edye has been a cherished member of our community since March 2021. She has since donated 1,416.25 hours of her time to The Magdalen House, which is equivalent to $42,417 for our organization!

Thank you so much, Edye, for all that you’ve done and continue to do for Maggie’s!