Hopeful Happenings – Celebrating Six Months

by | Mar 31, 2021 | #Relapse, First Step, Next Step, Volunteer

Have you ever wondered what can happen when a woman returns to The Magdalen House Social Detox program for the second (or more) time? Andrea’s story is one of many beautiful examples of a “Hopeful Happening” following her return to The Magdalen House.

Returning to The Magdalen House

When Andrea arrived at The Magdalen House for her second intake to the Social Detox program, something was different. She approached her second stay with a willingness and humility that came from desperation. Over the next 14 days, she would watch the recovered alcoholic women who came every evening as overnight volunteers. Observing their joyousness, freedom, and gratitude at staying the night, each woman became a role model for Andrea.

Quietly, she prayed that one day, she too would be able to become an overnight volunteer, saying to herself, “I want that – that’s my goal: to be able to come here and volunteer and stay the night one day.”

Finding Life and Recovery

After leaving the Magdalen House’s Social Detox program last September, Andrea quickly enrolled in The Next Step. Days became months, and in February, she became a Next Step Graduate.

Then, on Monday, March 1st, Andrea saw that her prayers had been answered, and she had reached her goal. It was Birthday Night, and Andrea was picking up her six-month chip – as a recovered alcoholic woman sitting in the Social Detox office where she was serving as an overnight volunteer. That night Andrea shared, “I am so amazed that life can be so good, so free, and so happy.”

Today, you can find Andrea overnighting at The Magdalen House every other Monday. She was recognized as our January Volunteer of the Month, and she has donated more than 289 hours since she started volunteering just six months ago.