The Gift of Recovery: How Your Birthday (and Any Day) Can Impact Alcoholics

by | Jun 18, 2024 | #Support, Giving

The Gift of Recovery: How Your Birthday (and Any Day) Can Impact Alcoholics

Make your (bellybutton or sobriety) birthday extra special by hosting a Facebook fundraiser benefiting The Magdalen House! Facebook fundraisers are a unique and powerful way anyone can give back to The Magdalen House. Every dollar raised and every like, share, or comment made puts The Magdalen House at the forefront of other’s minds and sustains our budget, allowing us to help another alcoholic achieve sobriety and sustain recovery at no cost.


For someone in recovery from alcoholism, being of service helps strengthen their own recovery. The difference someone can make through a financial donation or sharing with others a post that resonates with them on social media is invaluable in helping more alcoholics and their families.


Why do Facebook fundraisers matter?

Did you know that friends, family, and social media are three main ways people find out about The Magdalen House? By hosting a Facebook fundraiser, you are not only generating much needed donations for The Magdalen House; you are also raising awareness about alcoholism and helping The Magdalen House reach alcoholic women and men in need of a solution.


How can I help?

First, ensure your birthday is listed on your Facebook profile. You do not need to include your birth-year, and your birthday does not need to be publicly listed outside of your friends. Click here for information on how to list your birthday on Facebook. Once listed, two weeks before your birthday, Facebook will automatically send you a message on your homepage prompting you to host a birthday fundraiser. Simply click on the pop-up and follow the instructions! Or, you can visit this page for step-by-step instructions. 


Once your fundraiser is live, here are some tips to make it a success: 

  1. Invite your Facebook friends to participate to increase the reach of your fundraiser.
  2. Share the fundraiser on your Facebook page.
  3. When inviting and sharing with others, ask them that if they are not able to donate, to still share the post.
  4. Get the ball rolling and be the first to make a donation, even if it’s small. 
  5. Be sure to thank everyone who donates!


“It’s not my birthday, but I still want to help!”

You can host a Facebook fundraiser, whether it be your sobriety milestone, birthday, or just because, for The Magdalen House any time of the year! Click here to go to our Facebook fundraisers page. Once there, click “Raise Money,” next click “Nonprofit,” then find and select The Magdalen House. Customize your fundraising page and click “Create” to invite your friends, share it on your feed, and make it live.