Annual Impact Report

A Year In Review

2021 Annual Impact Report


We at The Magdalen House strive every day to help women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery from alcoholism at no cost and based on 12-Step spiritual principles.

Our New Home

A Place of Dignity


Our dignified and beautifully restored home on Gaston Avenue serves as space for alcoholic women to begin their journey toward restoration and recovery.

Lisa Kroencke, Executive Director

Forever Family

The walls of our home could tell countless stories of transformation in recovery and reunification of families through the programs and services provided by The Magdalen House.

North Texas Giving Day


For North Texas Giving Day, three women shared the impact of recovery in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Hear Their Stories
Chelsea R. | Patrice O. | Lindsey E.

Living in Technicolor


Sandra Looney’s family and friends were able to share the hope, freedom, and colorful joy of recovery. At The Magdalen House, a life recovered is a life re-colored!

Watch the Transformation

Program Achievements

In 2021 our comprehensive recovery services allowed us to connect to more alcoholic women and their families.
Every woman in our community helps create a welcoming environment where women know they can come for help to achieve sobriety, and sustain recovery from alcoholism.

First Step Completion Rate

First Step Admissions

Next Step Completion Rate

Next Step Admissions


New Resources


Education Presentations

Meeting Attendance

Family Support Meeting Attendance

Kady Younkman, Volunteer Program Manager

Lauren M, Alumna

Kelly Williams, Volunteer Program Coordinator

Supporter Achievements

The success of our fundraising efforts in 2021 is all thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Their passion for our mission is what drives growth in our programs and allows us to continue providing life-saving services at absolutely no cost.

Record Breaking
North Texas Giving Day


Most Amount Raised by Maggie’s of All Time

Most Donors to Maggie’s of All Time

Integrated Marketing Award
First Place Winner

Leave a Legacy


In 2021, The Magdalen House welcomed 330 women into our First Step two-week residential program. The total amount The Magdalen House raised through the generosity of corporate and individual event sponsors in 2021 was enough to support 34% of our First Step program expenses throughout the year.

Living in Technicolor


Women like Sandra Looney find family, community, and the colorful joy of living a life free from alcoholism through our peer-based, no-cost recovery services. Sandra and those who love her shared their story over the holiday season.

Podcast Achievements

The Magdalen House Podcast arrived with new shows, a new name, and more listeners than ever before.
Our podcast brings the messages and hope of recovery to women across the globe.

Stephanie Crawford, Podcast Host

Podcast Episode Listens

States Tuning In

Countries Tuning in

Three New Shows

This series features interviews, experiences, stories, and more from family members who have a loved one in recovery.

Prayers, Promises, & Principles

Explore the prayers, promises, & principles of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, the curriculum used at The Magdalen House.


The RecoverED podcast is made to educate the community on alcoholism, The Magdalen House, and our services.

A Farewell from Former Board Chair, Kay Colbert

2021 was my last year as Board Chair of The Magdalen House.
I have been honored to partner with Lisa Kroencke, our passionate Executive Director, to help guide this agency through our recent years of exciting and unprecedented growth. I am pleased to report that we have greater outreach, community education, and expanded programming. We have record numbers of women attending First Step, Next Step, Family Support, and meetings, as well as viewing our podcasts. We also grew our Board of Directors to create a diverse group of professionals that provides diligent fiduciary oversight, guidance, and strategic planning.

It has been a great privilege to serve as Board Chair and I confidently hand the leadership duties of Chair to Tina Shuey, who is so qualified to take the reins, and has an enormous heart for Maggie’s.

With an enormous sense of gratitude for the support and commitment of our Board, staff, volunteers, and donors,

Dr. Kay Colbert
Former Board Chair

Kay Colbert

A Letter from Board Chair, Tina Shuey

I want to start off by giving recognition to Kay Colbert for the mentorship and support she has given to me as I transitioned into my new role as Board Chair for 2022. Our agency has experienced so many positive changes under the leadership of Kay Colbert and our Executive Director, Lisa Kroencke, and filling Kay’s shoes is a tall order. Also, a huge thanks to Lisa and her staff for the fantastic job they have done with the transition into our new home on Gaston Avenue, all while keeping programs running smoothly (and growing.)

I am honored to have a front row seat as the agency continues its vital mission and pushes forward with reaching more alcoholic women and their families; I am humbled to serve an agency that saved my life.

With sincerest gratitude,

Tina Shuey
Board Chair

Kay Colbert

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There are over 650,000 alcoholics located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, alone.

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