What Makes The Recovery Process at The Magdalen House Work

by | Jun 20, 2018 | #Gratitude, Family, Solution, Spiritual, Testimonial

Working at The Magdalen House has been such a privilege. I am not in recovery but have come to learn so much about what makes the recovery process at TMH work. There have been times that the way that I try to work through hardships in my own life align with the way I see my coworkers and the clients here at Maggie’s work through their recovery. The similarities lie in how I, as a Christian, have learned how God teaches me to live and how the Big Book instructs alcoholics to live. I see these spiritual principles play out at Maggie’s every day.

I see it in the women on staff when they are listening to the women in the house, who can sometimes feel that they have no hope but are shown that nothing is ever hopeless, and we don’t give up on anyone.

I see it when I go downstairs and see a Sponsor sitting with their Sponsee mentoring and encouraging them from their experience. Being open and honest about our struggles doesn’t make us weak, it makes us strong as we stand together and identify with one another.

I see it when I hear the women staying in the house from all walks of life, sitting outside laughing and enjoying one another’s company or crying and comforting one another. Knowing that there is no place for pride or selfishness is the key to feeling true connection with those around us.

We are all called to love others by not expecting perfection or anything in return. The women who volunteer, work and become clients here live and learn that every day and it is such a blessing to witness.