Serving More Than Meals to At-Risk and Homeless Individuals and Families | The Stewpot

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Community, Partners, Resources

By Ainsley Chapman, Director of Outreach

“I loved learning about The Stewpot. I was amazed that they had such a large range of programs to offer and different ways to volunteer. Of course, I zeroed in on the art program since I own and teach several art classes myself. Art is so much more than being creative, it is a great form of therapy. I am looking forward to being able to donate art supplies to their program and a free art journaling class.”

– Carolyn Ross, Social Detox Alumna

This holiday season, we’re spotlighting The Stewpot, a Community Partner that is making a difference in the lives of countless individuals and families who are experiencing, and at-risk of, homelessness.

As we’re all about to face a holiday season like we have never seen before, let’s take time to support others in our community who could truly use our help. If you’re looking for a safe way to give back, consider virtually volunteering at The Stewpot. You can find a list of all their virtual activities here:

Helping Alcoholic Women Who Are At-Risk and Homeless, Together

Did you know, there are an estimated 38% of homeless individuals struggling with alcohol dependence – three times the national estimate of 12.5%, or one in eight adults – and 26% of women admitted to our Social Detox program without a place to live? There is no question that women who are homeless or at-risk are also struggling with alcoholism. Knowing this, especially now with the increased need for housing and recovery services during the pandemic, it’s imperative that we have established relationships with nonprofits like The Stewpot. Not only does this relationship allow us to reach alcoholic women who are facing homelessness, it provides service opportunities for women in recovery, and it also allows us to connect women in our programs to valuable resources – everything from meal services to identification documentation, and beyond.

When I was first introduced to The Stewpot, I knew that they served hot meals to the homeless. But what I didn’t realize is the multitude of programs they provide to help individuals and families with medical, financial, and even creative needs. By far my favorite thing I learned about The Stewpot was their Art Program. Adrienne, who gave me a tour of the facility, walked me upstairs and I was blown away to see a hallway full of beautiful artwork. A few people were in the studios working away. It was inspiring to see the hope and talent exhibited by these individuals.

About The Stewpot

The Stewpot offers a safe haven for homeless and at-risk individuals of Dallas, providing resources for basic survival needs, as well as opportunities to start a new life.


  • Meal Services – The Stewpot serves three meals a day, seven days a week at the Second Chance Café at The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center. They have also expanded their food distribution during covid to households experiencing food insecurity.
  • Casework Assistance – Allows clients to identify immediate goals using a variety of services for employment, housing, identification documentation, and more.
  • Representative Payee Assistance – Provides free caseworker assistance to persons suffering from mental illness who are unable to manage their federal benefits independently.
  • Health & Wellness – The Stewpot partners with Parkland and Metrocare Services to provide a medical clinic, a dental clinic, and mental health services.
  • Art Program – A community outreach program serving the homeless and at-risk populations of Dallas. Artists are able to sell their work through The Stewpot and keep 90% of the sale (the other 10% goes back into funding the art program supplies and trips).
  • Horticulture Therapy – Client-centered approach to therapy in which the therapist uses plants to help the client reach his or her goals.
  • Children, Youth & Family Program – Provides multiple children’s clubs, camps, Family Stabilization Program, English as a Second Language Classes, and Educational Scholarships for those in need.