Providing Meetings with Childcare for Moms in Recovery

by | Jan 20, 2019 | Children, Family, Meetings, Volunteer

Meetings with Childcare

Moms in recovery, we see you! And we know that putting your recovery first can be especially hard when you have kiddos to take care of. That’s why we are SO excited to partner with Mommies In Need to offer meetings with childcare. In May 2019, we began offering recovery meetings with childcare and as we continue to pilot this program we have limited availability and ask that you please sign up!

Register for an upcoming Meeting with Childcare (five childcare spots available per meeting):

Words from a Mom in Recovery

A testimonial from Stephanie Sahaida, Mom in Recovery

Moms in Recovery - StephanieMy name is Stephanie Sahaida and I am an alcoholic. I have two children and my sobriety date is May 13, 2016. My alcoholism didn’t really progress until after my daughter was born.  I discovered the secret to make me a better Mom. That is seriously what I thought. Soon, it became clear that what I was doing was harmful to my daughter, but I couldn’t stop. I became a Mom I never thought I would be. I was dying inside wondering why my daughter wasn’t enough to keep me sober.

Years later, after losing everything (including my daughter) I learned the solution to my alcoholism. I learn NO human power, not even my daughter could keep me sober. Through the 12 steps and God’s grace, I connected to a Power greater than myself that gave me the life I have today. I am grateful to say that my daughter is back in my life and it’s even better than it ever was before. I am a full time, fully present Mom today.

Three months ago, I was blessed with a perfect baby boy. Unlike his sister, he will never have to experience the pain first hand alcoholism takes on a family. It’s kind of ironic I guess you could say though because Kaydence tells me she is, “happy that I am an alcoholic and found sobriety” because she loves the life we have today and she knows it wouldn’t be this way without recovery.

Being a Mom is the most rewarding and challenging job I have today. Being a Mom in recovery brings on a whole new set of rewards and challenges on top of it. Walking into Maggie’s, where it is all women, I already felt a relief. I knew the room was filled with Moms just like me doing what they needed to do for their sobriety. Only this time instead of spending the whole meeting tending to a baby I got to exhale. I got to take in the WHOLE meeting! I got to be present. We discussed demonstrating principles in all our affairs that day. I literally got to leave and practice those principles with my children. I got to be a demonstration of God and the program!

My daughter, who is almost 11 was also impressed. She asked when we could go back!

I know to continue the relationship I have with my children I must continue to do what works. Thank you to Maggie’s for seeing a need and not forgetting that Moms need Recovery too and I can assure you, that the babies of those Mommies are grateful too! ❤