I Am Maggie’s: Total Surrender

by | Mar 5, 2019 | #Hopeless, First Step, Maggie's Women's Group, Meetings, Testimonial

By Christi Lee, Alumna & Volunteer

I Am Maggie’s is a series that spotlights the faces of The Magdalen House, from Alumna and Peer Recovery Program participants, to Volunteers, Donors, and beyond. Meet the people who make it possible for us to help women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery from alcoholism at no cost and based on 12-Step spiritual principles.

An Alcoholic Woman Nearly Out of Hope

In December of 2015, I had lost my job, pissed off my entire family, and could not stay sober for even five minutes. I had lost nearly all hope and decided I needed to be locked away. My mom found an 800 number and told me to call them for help. I picked up the phone and without money or insurance, they told me they couldn’t help me. They gave me another number to call, but I got the same answer: unable to help, but here’s a number.

Long story short, by the tenth phone call I’d finally reached a wonderful woman on the phone at The Magdalen House. She asked me a series of questions and was very informative – it sounded like a perfect fit. She explained to me they were 100% free, no money or insurance needed, and could, in fact, help me with my alcoholism. I couldn’t believe it. She asked me when I could be there and the next day, my mom, son, and sister drove me across town from Frisco to The Magdalen House. I was very scared, but everyone was welcoming.

Third Time’s the Charm…for me

Since then I have been back through The House two more times. They told me the first two times to stay connected to Maggie’s and I didn’t do it. I finally surrendered the third time, and I stayed connected. Maggie’s was, and continues to be, my safe haven! I learned I had to do something different this last time or I wasn’t going to stay sober. So I did something different. I started coming to meetings at Maggie’s regularly. I made myself available as a sponsor for women in the Social Detox Program. And I volunteered at every chance I could.

To this day, I absolutely adore all the women there – the staff, volunteers, and clients. They all want the same thing I do: to see women recover from alcoholism. The women I met through Maggie’s taught me the same thing; they all had a solution – which is what I wanted and needed, so badly, to live – and today I get to be one of those women. In this house, miracles happen every single day. I do believe God lives here!

How I Stay Close to Maggie’s Today

Once I completed the steps, I began volunteering during the overnight shift every week. Next, I started volunteering on Sundays to help with Trader Joe’s donations. And I jumped at the opportunity to join the Maggie’s Women’s Group as Membership Chair. Before I knew it, I was attending birthday nights every month and picking up all my sobriety milestone chips.

Today, I’ve moved into the Secretary & Treasurer Chair for Maggie’s Women’s Group. I make it a point to spend holidays with the ladies in Social Detox and Peer Recovery Programs. I am determined, in any and every way possible, to give my time to the place that helped save my life.

In 2017 I was recognized as the volunteer with the most hours for the year. Everyone said to stay connected to The Magdalen House, so 2 years later that’s exactly what I continue to do, SOBER.

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