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by | Jan 20, 2022 | Community, Partners, Resources

In 2020, young Liam Hurley had the idea to start a non-profit organization. Liam’s dad had struggled with addiction and Liam and his mom and sister had to leave their family home because it had become unsafe to live there with his father. They left behind all of their belongings. Liam’s mother realized there weren’t many resources in the community to help family members who were in a similar position, having to leave their home without notice.

Liam’s ultimate goal with Hurley House is to honor his dad who passed away due to complications from addiction. He realizes that addiction is a disease and not a choice and wants to bring awareness around that. He also dreams of opening a safe house for people to visit or stay when they are faced with the same situation he was in.

When Ann, Liam and Isla Hurley started Hurley House in 2020, they embarked on a journey to provide help and support to families and individuals impacted by addiction and substance abuse. It is no secret that the disease of alcoholism and other addictions are often scrutinized in our society. Maggie’s partnership with Hurley House strives to spread the knowledge that there is help for those who suffer from the disease of addiction.

In the journey of our partnership, Hurley House has been a great help to Maggie’s by providing much needed supplies, Christmas gifts for the women in the house, and hosting fundraisers where proceeds go directly to The Magdalen House.

“Liam and Ann with Hurley House have been a consistently reliable source of support for us at here at Maggie’s. Recently they co-hosted a benefit night at Flatbread Company with all proceeds benefitting The Magdalen House. For the holidays, they held a fundraiser to provide gifts and to cover the cost of putting lights on our house, making it a home for the clients here over the holidays. We’re grateful to have the support they provide as one of our valued community partners.” – Kady Tucker, Volunteer Program Manager

Every woman from the Maggie’s community who has learned about Hurley House has been essential in building their community and awareness, so that more families know there is access to find them the tools and resources to transition into productive and positive members of society.

“When we were going through my ex-husbands struggle with addiction, we found there weren’t a lot of resources for the family. We are here to help support people in recovery and their families.”
– Ann Hurley, Hurley House Founder

The contact form on the Hurley House website goes directly to Ann and Liam. They are committed to making sure that families know they can reach out for resources whether they need assistance with meals, transportation, setting up apartments for family members, childcare or interview help.


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