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by | Feb 18, 2021 | Community, Partners, Resources

This month, we’re spotlighting Attitudes & Attire®, an incredible organization in the Dallas Fort Worth area dedicated to promoting personal growth for women seeking self-sufficiency. Women new in recovery are often out of resources, many of them without jobs. This partnership helps the women in our community improve their quality of life by teaching them new skills and assisting them with career training. Especially with the unemployment rate being so high due to COVID, this partnership is more crucial than ever. Not only is Attitudes & Attire® able to provide much-needed resources to our clients, but we have been able to provide them with education on the disease of alcoholism. Now their staff has the tools they need to identify if someone they’re working with is struggling, and how to help them. We are so grateful to have a relationship with this organization that’s just as committed to helping women as we are! Thanks to Attitudes & Attire®, who wrote this post.

At Attitudes & Attire® we rely on community partnerships with organizations like The Magdalen House to reach the women we serve. To date, we have over 285 social service agencies, organizations and schools who refer women to us as an extension of the services they offer and often conduct off-site presentations at our partner organizations to serve a population that might not physically be able to come to our agency.  Likewise, we refer our clients to our partners when we believe they can benefit from additional services.

Empowering Women

Attitudes & Attire® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting personal growth for women seeking self-sufficiency.  Our program provides the tools that raise self-esteem, promote ethics and build the confidence necessary to develop successful life skills.  Our vision is to build confidence and change lives for the women we serve.

Attitudes & Attire® was founded in 1996 by Lyn Berman, the agency’s executive director.  It is because of her leadership and dedication the agency has served over 25,000 women seeking self-sufficiency.  Of the six employees at the agency, three are former clients.  They direct all four of our programs – Core, Hopeful Smiles™, Boots to Heels®, and Spanish-Speaking.  Our program directors can empathize with our current clients as they identify with the struggles faced.  We believe this speaks volumes to the success of the agency’s programming.

Programs and Services from Attitudes & Attire®

The Core Program at Attitudes & Attire® is the foundation of the agency.  It equips women with self-esteem, tools and wardrobe to enter the workforce.  It consists of three workshops designed to teach women to recognize their self- worth, create a positive image and improve job-search skills.

Topics discussed include:

  • communication skills,
  • interviewing techniques,
  • healthy relationships,
  • boundary setting,
  • self-care,
  • goal-setting,
  • positive self-talk,
  • financial fitness,
  • and more.

We provide a workbook designed to guide clients towards healthy self-esteem, self-sufficiency and stability in their personal and professional lives.

Connect with Attitudes & Attire®

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