The Magdalen House Social Detox Program provides a safe and comfortable setting for an alcoholic woman to physically separate from alcohol so that she may learn about alcoholism and begin working 12-Step spiritual principles to achieve sobriety. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a place that feels like home, surrounded by women that have walked the same path of alcoholic despair, walking shoulder to shoulder towards a solution.

While there’s no way to really convey what the full experience is like, we can share what a typical day at Maggie’s looks like during the 14-day period that a woman is in our Social Detox Program.

Daily Schedule

**different on weekends
*different on one or more weekdays

7:30am Rise and shine!

Women are required to be out of their beds by 7:30am. Breakfast is self-serve.

8:00am Coffee and morning meditation

Each client picks a “Word of the Day,” a spiritual principle that she will use to practice throughout the day and together the women read “On Awakening” on page 86 of the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous.

9:00am Morning chores

Each client is assigned daily chores which allow her to start giving back and contributing to life in a small way. Clients are responsible for picking up after themselves, keeping rooms tidy and making their own beds.

10:00am Big Book Study (Staff led)**

  • Saturday: Yoga
    Every Saturday morning a community volunteer teaches a gentle yoga class at The Magdalen House. All Social Detox clients participate, and these classes are open and free to any woman in recovery.
  • Sunday: Personal time

11:00am Personal time*

May include prayer in the backyard, reading, meeting with a sponsor, resting, light exercise, and socializing with peers

  • Sunday: Maggie’s Women’s Group Speaker Meeting
    Trader Joe’s groceries are available to recent alumnae and meeting attendees, after the meeting.

12:00pm Big Book Study (Volunteer led)*

  • Saturday: Big Book Study focusing on Steps 4 – 9 (Volunteer led)

1:00pm Lunch*

Lunch is self-serve.

  • Sunday: Family visitation begins

2:30pm Big Book Study focusing on Steps 1 – 3 (Volunteer led)**

  • Saturday: Big Book Study focusing on Steps 10 – 12 (Volunteer led)
  • Sunday: Personal time and family visitation

4:00pm Personal time and family visitation

Family visitation is daily, with varying hours on Sundays and Wednesdays. Families and loved ones may visit in the meeting room or in the backyard for one hour.

  • Wednesday: 4:00 – 6:20pm
  • Sunday: 1:00 – 5:50pm
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 4:00 – 6:50pm

5:30pm Dinner

Every day, one client is assigned the chore of cooking dinner and one other client may assist them. Dinner is a special time for clients to cook, eat, and spend time together.

7:00pm Women’s AA Meeting*

Local members of Alcoholics Anonymous lead a Women’s AA meeting at The Magdalen House. Women’s AA Meetings are open to all women in recovery.

  • Monday: Maggie’s Women’s Group Speaker Meeting
  • First Monday of the Month: Birthday Night
  • Wednesday 6:30 – 7:30pm: Family Support Group

9:00pm Evening Meditation

One by one, clients read how they used their spiritual principle of the day, share their highlight of the day, three things they like about themselves, three things they are grateful for, and rate their day on a scale from one to ten. Once the daily review is complete, one client is chosen to read aloud “When We Retire at Night” from page 86 of the Big Book.

9:30pm Goodnight ladies

11:00pm Lights out!

Meeting Descriptions

Big Book Study – Daily

Each Big Book Study is led by a recovered woman from the community, who is volunteering her time (excluding weekday 10:00am Big Book Study meetings, led by Staff in recovery). Clients are given the opportunity to meet other women in the community and find a sponsor. ALL meetings are open to any alcoholic woman, and clients are strongly encouraged to come back after completing their two-week stay.

Maggie’s Women’s Group Speaker Meeting – Mondays at 7:00pm and Sundays at 11:00am

Maggie’s Women’s Group consists of, and is open to any, alcoholic women in recovery. The Commitments Committee of Maggie’s Women’s Group recruit recovered women to tell their stories to share their experience and knowledge of the steps. ALL meetings are open to any alcoholic woman.

Family Support Group – Every Wednesday at 6:30pm

Maggie’s Family Support serves as a community for loved ones and family members of alcoholics to learn about alcoholism, understand how to support an alcoholic, and experience an improved quality of life, regardless of the alcoholic’s recovery. Family Support meetings are open to any family member or loved one of an alcoholic.

Birthday Night – First Monday of the Month at 7:00pm

Once a month, on the first Monday of the month, alumnae and women in Maggie’s community come back to The House to receive monthly and annual chips to honor sobriety milestones and celebrate their recovery. Birthday Night is open all women in recovery and their families. 

Combining Social Detox with Peer Recovery

To help ensure long-term, sustainable recovery, Social Detox Clients are strongly encouraged to “stay close to Maggie’s” and participate in our Peer Recovery Program. Regardless of where you are in your recovery, there is a place for you in our recovery community for women.


Whether you’re an alcoholic woman who can’t stop drinking, an alcoholic woman already in recovery, or a loved one of an alcoholic, we’re here to help.

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