What it Means to be a Grateful Alcoholic

by | Jan 17, 2018 | #Gratitude, 12 Steps, Disease, Recover, Spiritual, Testimonial

When I first heard someone refer to themselves as a “grateful alcoholic” I was shocked and perplexed. At the time, being an alcoholic was the worst thing that had ever happened to me – a curse. How could something so terrifying, baffling, embarrassing and heartbreaking be seen with gratitude? Little did I know that as soon as I got to the “other side” of my alcoholism my entire world was going to be turned upside down – in the best way possible.

What I once considered a moral failure had proven to be an illness; a hopeless condition of mind and body. The beautiful thing about the illness I was suffering from was that there was a solution – a solution found in God by way of application and practice of 12-Step principles. The reason I can today say that I am a grateful alcoholic goes far beyond the fact that I am sober – I have a new purpose in life, one that I would have never had if I weren’t an alcoholic. My life’s purpose is to bring hope to the next suffering alcoholic and to demonstrate spiritual principles in my everyday life. Sounds simple, but it is a tall order – a very rewarding one.

I get to witness miracles on almost a daily basis – tears turned to smiles, fear turned to faith, families restored, inner confidence renewed and much more. I get to hear “thank you for helping me” a lot too. I get to participate so much more in life because I am an alcoholic – I get to be alive again. I’m Lauren, and I am a grateful alcoholic.