by | Jul 25, 2018 | #Gratitude, 12 Steps, First Step, Solution, Spiritual

Transformation at The Magdalen House is something that happens quickly. Having worked at The Magdalen House for four years, I have had the opportunity to see miracles take place in just two short weeks. The transformation I get to see is not only physical, but is spiritual as well. Women come to us broken, lost and confused. Within 14 days they become almost unrecognizable – in the best way possible.

Our clients smile, laugh, cry and comfort one another. The emptiness they came in with begins to be filled with purpose and love. Two weeks in The Magdalen House’s Social Detox Program is just the beginning of a lifetime journey, but the change that happens in such a short time encourages all women in recovery to continue down this path of sobriety and help others in all of their affairs. Seeing the light come on in someone else’s eyes continues to inspire me daily and I am grateful to be a part of such an incredible metamorphosis that happens right inside these walls at The Magdalen House.

-Ainsley Chapman, Chief Programs Officer