One Woman at a Time

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Service, Sponsor, Testimonial

What happens when one woman recovers from alcoholism?

She Works One-On-One With Another Alcoholic Woman

“Jill Engro has shown me that women are desperately needed on the front lines. She taught me that what is key to helping another alcoholic woman is working with her one-on-one. Jill instilled in me the confidence to do this. I learned that if I stay close to God and do His work well, He will provide for me what I need. BB pg. 63”

– Nancy McMahon,
Social Detox Program Alumna and Volunteer

Her Family Is Positively Affected by Her Recovery

“Nancy’s life in recovery has taught me how to live with God’s gift of forgiveness and focus on blessings to come.”

– Doug McMahon,
Nancy’s Husband

“My mom’s recovery has inspired me to be a better friend and person to everyone I meet. Knowing that she has overcome so much and has been so strong has allowed me to realize my potential as an empathetic person to everyone’s situation. I love her so much and am so excited to see how she can impact women even more than she does now.”

– Hollis McMahon,
Nancy’s Daughter

She Inspires Other Alcoholic Women

“Nancy has been a wonderful sponsor and is always there when needed. Her dedication to sobriety and how connected she is to Maggie’s gives me inspiration.”

– Christi Lee,
Social Detox Program Alumna and Volunteer

Her Family Bears Witness to What Is Possible

“My sister’s sobriety has inspired me in my faith because I know she does not stay sober without the help of God.”

– Heather,
Christi’s Sister

“My mom’s recovery has impacted me in a positive way, and helped me realize that if you set your mind to something you can achieve it!”

– Austin,
Christi’s Son

She Bears Witness to Hope Amidst the Hardships

“Nancy tells me every time I speak to her, ‘There is a lot of hope in our sustained sobriety. That is magical!’. I am 2 years into my sobriety and I need that beautiful reminder; some days will be tougher than other but the hard work is worth all of the prayers, happiness, and tears.”

– Deni Snyder,
Social Detox Program Alumna and Volunteer

Her Friends and Family Experience Her Love and Support

“I’ve noticed that Deni’s awareness and empathy levels for people has truly grown from her journey through sobriety. She’s been a compassionate and considerate friend on the deepest levels. I’m grateful to have a safe space to be vulnerable with her when I need to lean in for extra support.”

– Andrea Bey,
Grade School Friend

“Deni has never stopped reaching for the stars. Even in the darkest moments of her life, she has never stopped reaching. Now with everything she has been through in the last few years she can be that star that others reach out to.”

– Rose Dickson,
Deni’s Mother

She Teaches Women How to Use the Same Spiritual Tools She Is Being Taught to Use

“Nancy provides the tools that I need to use on a daily basis and reminds me to use them. I am forever grateful to know that she is always there for me throughout my journey of working steps 10,11, and 12 for the rest of my life! Before Nancy, a woman named Pris started me off into this wonderful journey working the 12 Steps. She taught me how to recognize my fears, which helped me tremendously. I thank God for both of these amazing women for working with me!”

– Patty Watson,
Social Detox Program Alumna and Volunteer

Her Family Learns From Her Recovery

“The courage, strength, and wisdom she has shown during her recovery journey are what have impacted my life the most. I learn from her every day and wouldn’t have it any other way. Her joyful smile is contagious, and her kind heart is unmatchable. I know that without a doubt she touches every person she meets! She is an amazing mother and an even more amazing Nanny; we love her more than words can describe!”

– Brooke,
Patty’s Daughter

She Says Yes to Helping the Next Alcoholic Woman

“The single most impactful action that Patty, my sponsor, has made on my life was summed up in a single affirmation–the word ‘yes.’ Still not understanding what exactly the relationship with a sponsor was to look like, it struck me that here was this woman, who I did not know, and she was willing to help me. I asked and she said ‘yes!’ That was October 2018 and while I hit a few bumps and took a detour or two on my road to recovery, that woman who said ‘yes’ is still my sponsor to this day.”

– Bridget Johns,
Social Detox Alumna and Volunteer

What happens when one woman recovers from alcoholism?

A thriving community of recovered women and their families is built, one woman at a time.

Thank You for Helping Our Tree of Life Continue to Grow

Thank you to our incredible volunteers and donors for allowing The Magdalen House to work towards our vision “to build a thriving community of recovered women and their families — one woman at a time.”