How to be a Maggie’s Girl

by | Apr 25, 2022 | #Gratitude, Community, Family, Maggie's Women's Group

Written by Jonna Stout, Recovered Alcoholic 

It is almost a decade ago now when I was at the lowest point in my life. Marriage, children, friends, family, money, success- nothing could save me from the depths of despair that I found myself in. I was 34 years old, my entire life ahead of me, yet I sat on the floor of my closet weeping. I had come to that moment many of us arrive at- I could not imagine continuing another day with alcohol, yet I could not fathom going a day without it. It was soon after that that I began my first attempts at sobriety. I found some sustained sobriety over those years, but the single most important connection that I made that helped me to recover was to The Magdalen House.

I did not go through the First Step program at Maggie’s, but I was told about the house by friends who had. They spoke about this amazing house of women with such love and tenderness. It stuck with me and when I decided after years of struggling to stay sober that I had to do something different, I ran to Maggie’s.

I attended a Sunday speaker meeting and indeed I felt that love and tenderness from this very first meeting. I asked that amazing human leading the class to be my sponsor. We started working the steps that day and within a couple of weeks we had gotten through all of them. From that day, I have never been far from Maggie’s. I attend meetings, tell my story, make commitments to carry the message with women from Maggie’s and now volunteer as part of Maggie’s Women’s Group.

I have always felt part of Maggie’s even though I didn’t go through the First Step program. By working with women in the house, I have had a kind of secondhand experience and have been able to feel the support and connections that are built through the program. Maggie’s has given me a built-in safe space. Being a Maggie’s Girl has given me a place to share my experience, strength, and hope with newcomers. It allows me to volunteer my time with the best group of women I have ever had the privilege and pleasure to work with. As Maggie’s continues to grow, the opportunities to participate continue to grow too. From neighborhood walks with the women in the house to chairing committees that plan events- the possibilities are endless for women who are in recovery. If you want true freedom from alcoholism and a way to fill your life with joy, laughter, growth, and a connection to your higher power, look no further. I didn’t go through First Step, but I sure got here as fast as I could! I found my people, I found my higher power and I found my freedom within the walls of The Magdalen House. Being a Maggie’s Girl is truly a superpower in recovery.