House Calls for First Step | Clinic Concierge

by | May 31, 2022 | Community, First Step, Partners, Resources

Clinic Concierge is a high-end, private pay house call practice that provides primary care, urgent care and aesthetic practice directly to DFW homes. Services are customized to fit patient’s needs and lifestyle to seamlessly fit into their day. The company is owned and operated by women and is made up of all female providers, nurses, practitioners, and PA’s. Currently serving DFW, they plan to open Prosper, Frisco, and Houston this summer.

After attending an event supporting The Magdalen House, Lauren and Shayla, co-founders of Clinic Concierge, saw an opportunity to give back in a meaningful way.

Clinic Concierge’s partnership with The Magdalen House allows them to give back to our community and programs that have helped many of their team’s loved ones. Several women on the team have close friends and family members that have been affected by alcoholism, and some of their loved ones have attended our programs. The women on the Clinic Concierge team love working for a company that gives back to something so close to them and it gives them all a sense of ownership and passion within the company.

Our partnership has created more opportunities to raise awareness for alcoholism and our programs so that more alcoholic women can receive help. As healthcare providers, Clinic Concierge are frequently screening patients regarding their alcohol use. Their partnership with us provides an opportunity to offer a solution to alcoholic women and to stop the stigmas around alcoholism through education.

Recently, with the help of Clinic Concierge we were able to provide a free telehealth visit for a client in our First Step program. Our First Step program is 14-days, so each day counts. This removed the unfortunate obstacle of that woman missing a day of our program to spend time in a waiting room. Instead, she was able to complete a quick telehealth visit, and she did not have to miss out on any time at Maggie’s to get her medical needs fulfilled.

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