Giving Tuesday

by | Jan 19, 2018 | #Free, #Support, #Women, Giving, Impact

Help The Magdalen House kick off their end of year giving campaign on #GivingTuesday!
Giving Hope for the Holidays starts on Tuesday, November 29th.

We believe that giving families and children hope for a sober mother, wife, daughter, friend this winter is immeasurable. We’re anticipating serving 30 alcoholic women through the end of 2016, and our goal is to help offset costs by end of year giving. When you gather around with your family and friends this year, we ask that you keep The Magdalen House in mind when you decide to give back.

We’ve come up with a giving guideline that you may find helpful:
Give $10 By giving $10, you will purchase a new Big Book for one woman.
Give $20 $20 provides life-saving detox fluids for one woman’s entire stay at The Magdalen House.
Give $50 By donating $50, you provide one woman with personal care items for their entire stay at The Magdalen House.
Give $74 One night’s stay at The Magdalen House for one woman in need costs $74.
Give $519 Provide half of one woman’s stay at The Magdalen House by giving $519.
Give $1,037 Donate $1,037 for one woman’s sobriety for the holidays – a 14-day stay at The Magdalen House.