Community Impact Month: Trader Joe’s

by | May 16, 2018 | Community, Impact, Partners

This May we are highlighting the partners we collaborate with in order to make Dallas a stronger community at large. The second partnership we would like to recognize is Trader Joe’s, which is a unilateral partner. Trader Joe’s were the pioneers in providing a company-wide mission to distribute their left over food back into the community and we are so grateful for their generosity. We, The Magdalen House, keep a portion of the food for our clients, but distribute 80% of the donations back out into the community.

Here is a glimpse of how the program works: Every Sunday, any woman in the local recovery community is invited to attend our 11:00am speaker meeting. This meeting is full of fellowship, knowledge, experience and hope. After the meeting, all women are welcome to enjoy a large array of food provided from Trader Joe’s. The food items include fruit, vegetables, pre-made salads and meals, bread and more. The women line up and we track every woman that receives food donations and how many people are in their household so that we can analyze the impact we are making. In 2017 alone, 806 community members received free groceries through our partnership with Trader Joes. Our clients come to us with very limited financial resources and truly get to benefit from the food Trader Joe’s.

“We provide our clients not only with access to safe transitional homes, we get to provide food for them to eat.  It’s great to see that our clients can focus on their recovery first instead of basic needs such a food and shelter.” – Page O’Connor, Program Manager

Thank you, Trader Joe’s for your generosity! Together we are able to impact so many.