Celebrating Our Team: Austin Shook – Director of Men’s Programs

by | Jul 21, 2023 | #Men, Community, First Step, Next Step

1. What led you to want to work at The Magdalen House?

I truly believe God led The Magdalen House to me. After working in the for-profit treatment world for a number of years, I developed the strong desire to help those free of cost. When The Magdalen House called, it was for sure a divine intervention.

2. Has The Magdalen House impacted your life? Is there something that draws you towards the mission?

Countless women in the community have carried the message of recovery in the rooms of 12-Step meetings that I frequent several times a week. They have a pure message straight from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is also the foundation that I have found to work for me to have personally recovered from alcoholism.

3. How did The Magdalen House become part of your life?

Prior to The Magdalen House, in my daily work, I was always looking for somewhere to refer individuals who needed help at no cost. This was something I brought to my higher power in prayer and meditation often, then The Magdalen House called to tell me about their Men’s concept and asked me to come help. What a miracle!

4. What has been the biggest gift to you in your recovery?

The biggest gift to me in my recovery has been the ability to show up for family, friends, colleagues and those I can help consistently.

5. What would you tell someone who is newly sober, or still trying to get sober?

Find a sponsor who works the steps out of the Big Book, work the steps quickly like your life depends on it, meditate and pray daily, and get a homegroup and service commitment at that homegroup.

6. What is your life like today?

It’s not by any means perfect, but I am living in the world of the spirit. No matter what life throws at me, I am living in place of neutrality, I am no longer fighting. I am at peace today!

7. As a new team member, what are you most excited about?

I am most excited about bringing the SOLID program that The Magdalen House has built over 36 years to alcoholic men and their families in our community. We are going to help SO MANY PEOPLE!!!

8. What’s something we should know about you?

I am a lover of music. I get to DJ friends parties and weddings, and even DJ’d the Sober New Years party that took place last year. I love to get out and explore remote beautiful natural parts of the country, especially the American Southwest.

About Austin Shook

Austin Shook began his journey with The Magdalen House as Director of Men’s Programming in June of 2023 after working in the recovery field since 2017. Austin has been active in the 12-Step community and has sponsored new men in his personal time since 2017.

He is passionate about joining The Magdalen House because, in his years of experience as a director of for-profit recovery programs, a vast majority of calls coming in were from individuals with little to no resources left, from families who had spent a fortune and were done enabling, or people who had been through the ringer and were looking for something different.

Austin firmly believes that God led him to the amazing team at The Magdalen House, and he is excited for the opportunity to be a part of giving back, free of charge, what was so freely given to him.