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The stars truly aligned when we partnered with Allen Psychiatry. They proudly serve the North Dallas area with recovery-based practices including: mental and behavioral health assessment and evaluation, medication management, therapy/counseling, and advanced treatments for depression.

Allen Psychiatry boasts patient focused services which are led by the board-certified Psychiatrist, Shahla Ali, MD. Shahla empowers her team with a rigorous passion for her practice, and acts as a role model for the staff. Originally from Pakistan, her drive stems from her desire to make change in the world through both her practice and her efforts to give back to her birthplace.

One standout aspect which elevates Allen Psychiatry above similar practices is their stellar staff, all of whom are welcoming, professional, and responsive, ensuring that every individual seeking care has access to their services within 15 minutes. Alongside conducting holistic whole patient services, Allen Psychiatry also specializes in two advanced treatments for depression: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, also known as TMS Therapy, and Spravato (Esketamine) Treatment for Depression.

Our partnership of The Magdalen House and Allen Psychiatry acts as a constellation of care providing our communities with a place of safety in recovery. While some patients of Allen Psychiatry may not be ready to embark on their journey at Maggie’s, they are able to hold onto the idea that there is a safe place for all women to recovery with dignity. Patients of Allen Psychiatry who have visited Maggie’s find it to be a unique pathway that brings more commitment to the recovery journey, with shame removed from alcoholism through the 12 steps.

In early 2021, Lana Gates of Allen Psychiatry referred Edye Mitchell to our Social Detox program. Edye is now a Next Step Graduate and active community volunteer member at Maggie’s.

“We saw somebody with so much potential struggling so greatly,” said Gates. “She at the time did not believe that she was worthy of anything more than what was right then and there. I really believed that if she took this step that she would have the wonderful life that she’s wanted for so long, she was worthy of that, and she deserved that. She just needed those people around her that were going to show her and help her find what she’s really worth.”

With Lana’s guidance, Edye chose to begin her Maggie’s journey.

Edye’s Journey

“It was an absolute miracle because I came to Dallas only expecting to stay a short visit when COVID hit and everything was closed, including my road back to Austin. I knew I was in great need of medical and psychiatric care and decided to go on a mission to get well. My life was in shambles and I truly had no safe place to live. Through family here, I was referred to Allen Psychiatry. I went through 36 sessions of intense state of the art treatment for PTSD. The BEAUTIFUL people there knew my unsafe living conditions and how hard I was searching for a home. As I was about to start a new time of intense treatment, I was requested to do blood work and a UA. The Dr. was aware that alcohol would be present in my test. As it turned out, my level of alcohol was very high. One of the staff members who had been helping me find a home reached out to me and mentioned The Magdalen House. Having not heard of them, I said yes. I had always been opposed to the 12-Step program because of another alcoholic in my home who never really worked it and is still in the same condition as we speak. Lana from Allen Psychiatry already had me on a call with The Magdalen House. I was interviewed and at that moment, even though I behaved different from said family member, I almost audibly heard God tell me “tell them yes, you are an alcoholic”. I have been for over 40 years. Lana said they all loved me so much and they want me to be the “kick ass” woman they knew I was. I said yes. That was 1/19/21. I quit drinking that evening and went to The Magdalen House on 1/21/21. Now that I am sober and settled I am back on zoom meetings with my psychiatrist and talking about setting up my next line of treatment. They have stayed in touch and loved me through this journey and are very proud of me. It is the greatest blessing ever.”

– Edye Mitchell

The combination of recovery through the 12 steps and further medical treatments in regard to your mental health provides an effective alliance which can support sustained recovery. If you’ve been with us at Maggie’s and are seeking further assistance in regard to your mental health, take this opportunity to connect with Allen Psychiatry.

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