A Harmonious Continuation for Your Recovery | Oxford House

by | Sep 12, 2021 | Community, Partners, Resources

The Magdalen House has been proudly partnered with Oxford House for several years. Many of our social detox clients have utilized their services and even some of our recovered staff members have lived in an Oxford House during their recovery journey!

“I’ve been living in Oxford and volunteering at Maggie’s for about 5 years! I enjoy everything that I have been able to help with at Maggie’s! Living in Oxford has helped me in so many ways, I love being available for the newcomer, I help her and she helps me!”
– Patty Watson

Oxford House allows Maggie’s women to live in an affordable, and safe home with other women who are headed towards the same goal of recovery. This safe home creates the perfect environment for clients to stay involved in the variety of meetings, classes, and events at Maggie’s! Through our collaboration, there is stability and support available for everyone in the recovery community.

“I started volunteering at Maggie’s immediately when I completed Social Detox. Volunteering helped me to stay connected, find fellowship, and help others. Being of service at Maggie’s helped me to realize the importance of getting out of self to keep me out of my feelings. Oxford was a very important part of my recovery. When I moved in, I thought I would only be there a year, but I was there for two years. Oxford helped me with structure in recovery because I lived with a group of women who I was accountable to. It allowed me to be a source of support for women new to recovery. During the time I was in Oxford, there was enough flexibility to allow me to work on rebuilding relationships with my family. At the same time, it allowed my family to gain acceptance and understand my program of recovery has to come first! They were already used to that when I moved back home. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Maggie’s and Oxford.”
Patrice Olootu

The longevity, safety, and support that are provided by the partnership between The Magdalen House and Oxford House have created countless stories of successful recovery in our communities. Clients are encouraged to join our Next Step program, and in the case of relapse, clients are happily welcomed into our Social Detox program. Oxford House home groups will often have outings to attend Maggie’s meetings.

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