402: Lauren M | Hope for the Family

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

Loved ones and family members of alcoholics can learn more about recovery and find community, regardless of their alcoholic’s recovery. Learn more in this episode of Hope for the Family with Lauren Mirche as she shares her story with our host, Laurie Evans, loved one of an alcoholic. To get involved, learn more about our Family Support program. Visit: https://magdalenhouse.org/family

All donations help us to provide programs and services – to alcoholic women and their families, at absolutely no cost. If you’d like to donate, text MAGGIES to 44321 or visit magdalenhouse.org/donate. The Magdalen House is a 501c3 nonprofit organization helping women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery from alcoholism at no cost and based on 12-Step spiritual principles. Please note, the curriculum we teach through our programs is from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. However, we are not an A.A. group and we are not associated with Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.