Annual Impact Report

A Year In Review

2020 Annual Impact Report


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A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends of The Magdalen House,

While 2020 presented unique trials and challenges for The Magdalen House and the alcoholic women we serve, we are reflecting on the year with deep gratitude. Throughout the year, we were given countless opportunities to not only practice the principles we teach and live by but also witness the extraordinary human spirit in action across every facet of our community.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic created even more hurdles for alcoholic women seeking recovery. They faced increased isolation, job loss, diminishing financial resources, and lack of access to community and treatment centers as they closed their doors. Therefore, it was even more important for us to keep our critical programs and services accessible. Within days, The Magdalen House team was implementing solutions to ensure our Social Detox program stayed safely open, meetings continued virtually, and our new Next Step program remained fully functional. The decisive, informed, and compassionate response to these challenges made our agency more effective, more efficient and placed us in a </span><strong><em><span data-preserver-spaces=”true”>better </span></em></strong><span data-preserver-spaces=”true”>position for continued growth. By the end of the year, our organization was not only stable but thriving. Thanks to the perseverance of individuals and the strength of the community that surrounds us, we are a stronger, more well-rounded agency today, specifically due to the challenges we faced this past year.

And, as you look through the agency’s 2020 Impact Report, remember that in the midst of all of the work highlighted here, we finished funding and building a new state-of-the-art facility that will be completed next month. In my 13 years here at The Magdalen House, I have never felt more optimistic about our mission, our vision, and our future. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

With Gratitude,

Lisa Kroencke
Executive Director

Lisa Kroencke

Impact Report Overview

While the end-of-year data is evidence of our achievements, below are a few highlights of our overall impact in 2020.

Impact On Alcoholic Women

    • Maintained a safe environment in our Social Detox program to establish sobriety without compromising the quality of our care – suspending services for only 8 days in 12 months.
    • Increased opportunities for community and fellowship and expanded program offerings that provided innovative accountability through virtual options.
    • Expanded access to community resources – including food, financial resources for sober living, healthcare, and more.
    • Added a Podcast to broaden our programs reach to the community

Impact On Families

    • Expanded reach nationwide with a virtual Family Support program, and the largest growth in attendance to date
    • Continued to provide a safe, no-cost treatment alternative to families who faced rapidly diminishing resources due to the pandemic

Impact On Key Partners and Stakeholders

    • Expanded educational opportunities and increased awareness with non-profit and corporate partners through virtual workshops and webinars
    • Identified the unique needs of our community members and provided expanded access to relevant services and resources

Impact On the Community

    • Introduced our program on a national level with virtual access; geography no longer limits our growing program initiatives, broadening our ability to reach vastly more alcoholic women
    • Decreased expenses through effective and efficient use of income and incurred no debt
    • Created innovative external volunteer opportunities and initiatives, directly impacting agency efficiency and our bottom line
    • Focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness and specific goals

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New in 2020

Despite restricting in-person options in mid-March, we experienced incredible growth across the agency.


Virtual program offerings broke down barriers – including busy schedules, children, physical disability, illness, fear, and location – increased overall participation, and revealed a need for ongoing virtual options.


Virtual offerings allowed us to quickly scale the program model, growing the program by 300% and revealed a need for ongoing virtual-only groups.


Virtual offerings increased overall attendance by 36%.


Virtual options increased overall attendance by 86%.


Virtual options kept women connected to fellowship and community in isolation.


To create virtual offerings for The Next Step participants, our Lead Program Coordinator implemented engaging interviews and step studies with recovered women, which she recorded for future participants to listen to. Ultimately this led to the creation of The Magdalen House Podcast, which launched in July 2020 and has helped us reach women across the nation.

1 Season | 3 Series | 22 Episodes | 3,322 Listens

In 2021 we have made a few changes to our podcast, and are adding a new series! Learn more at the link below.


When we started the year with an initiative to provide our Community Partners with education on the disease of alcoholism, we had no intention of exploring the possibility of webinars. By May, however, we had launched virtual education webinars, presenting to Community Partners that include Dallas CASA, Genesis Women’s Shelter, Legacy Family Court, City of Dallas, and In My Shoes.

“This training by The Magdalen House staff was informative, inspirational, and well-organized. As an LCSW who has worked with many people facing addiction, I was amazed at how much their approach, combining personal and client insights with science and data, impacted the way I view and understand alcoholism. I’m confident that this learning will cause a shift in my work with individuals and families impacted by alcoholism, and I’m thrilled to understand their programs more so I can refer women in need of support.”

– Lindsey O’Hare, Dallas CASA Supervisor & Continuing Education Coordinator

Programs and Services


78% Completion Rate | 319 Admissions


27 Graduates | 158 Admissions



12,731 Attendees


12,913 Hours


569 Attendees


1,312 Members


27 New Resource Partners | 5 Education Presentations



*Please note, the information in this section does not include Capital Campaign gifts


    • 59 Large Gift Donors ($1,000+) gave a total of $278,813.17
    • 25 Monthly Giving Society Members gave a total of $25,366.18
    • 429 New Donors
    • 29% increase in New Donors

“I chose to donate to the Magdalen House because I am passionate about helping those who struggle with alcoholism. They are precious. Their lives are precious. These broken yet brave women show up on the Magdalen House doorstep waving their white flags, willing to change and deserve every opportunity to do so.”

– Casey Satullo, 2020 New Donor


Foundations that gave $10,000 and over to operational expenses

    • Moody Foundation
    • Simmons Sisters Fund
    • Moozie Foundation
    • TEB Foundation
    • The Hanley Family Foundation
    • Horizon Foundation
    • Hattie Mae Lesley Foundation
    • Jeffrey A. Carter Foundation

75 Donors | $15,598 Raised


295 Donors | $72,119 Raised


124 Donors | $11,706 Raised


150 Donors | $81,000 Raised


We are proud to announce that we have reached our Capital Campaign fundraising goal of $3.4 million! Throughout 2020, we had 265 individual donors and eight foundations who contributed to raising $1,112,623.87. Construction details, such as paint colors, interior finishes and fixtures, tile and flooring selections, historical restoration, furniture planning, and landscape design were all elements of focus in 2020.


Our new Wall of Hope will include 345 bricks purchased by supporters of The Magdalen House, each with an inspiring inscription written by its donor.


Individuals and foundations that gave over $25,000 to the Capital Campaign in 2020

    • Fidelity Foundation
    • J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation
    • David M. Crowley Foundation
    • The Simmons Sisters Fund
    • Neva and Don Cochran
    • Lucinda and Barry Buford
    • Steve Folsom
    • The Hoglund Foundation
    • Rowling Foundation
    • The William and Phyllis Snyder Foundation


The vision of The Magdalen House is to build a thriving community of recovered women and their families — one woman at a time.

A Letter from the Board Chair

Dear Friends of The Magdalen House,

With this past year providing opportunities to find innovative ways to adapt to disruptions and challenges, we are emerging more adept and flexible. As we move into 2021, these learnings will allow us to have greater reach, expanded programming, and more targeted operations.

This year has taught us that we can’t predict what will happen next, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for what comes next. It has highlighted the need to have contingency plans while also reminding us of the necessity to stay flexible. As a Board, while we don’t know what or when the next disruption will be, we know there will be one, and we will have the foresight and insight to handle it.

Our most exciting and anticipated growth will be moving to our beautiful new home at 4513 Gaston Avenue. With the expanded capacity of the space, combined with the insight 2020 has given us, we are excited to serve more women and families than ever.

In 2021 we will continue to make strides in our strategic goals, with improvements in programs, financial sustainability, governance, leadership, communications, development, and long-term growth. Integral to these goals is to actively find ways to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion within BOD, staff, clients, volunteers, and meeting attendees at The Magdalen House, to create a robust organizational culture and infrastructure. To this end, we have formed a DEI Task Force that will oversee an audit of our agency to find ways to be more inclusive in all areas. In this way, we can ensure we are serving our mission – to help all women with alcoholism.

We accomplish all we do with the contributions of our generous donors, the assistance of thousands of volunteer hours, the service of our devoted community of recovered women, the faithfulness of our family support members, the hard work of our Board members, the dedication of our Executive Director, and the commitment of our very capable staff.

We would love to have you join us and be a part of our journey!


Kay Colbert
Board Chair

Kay Colbert


Whether you’re looking to get involved as a group, individual, business, or nonprofit we’d love to connect with you!

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What Makes Us Unique

What makes The Magdalen House unique, special, and successful? We believe that it is our six points of difference! So, what are they? Our first point is that we provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for alcoholic women and men to recover in gender...

What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique

What makes The Magdalen House unique, special, and successful? We believe that it is our six points of difference! So, what are they? Our first point is that we provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for alcoholic women and men to recover in gender...


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