Miracles at Maggies

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Alcoholism is a disease of the mind and body. It is a family disease that affects loved ones and their communities. It is a disease that has a solution.
Patty has found the solution as a part of our recovery community when she came to First Step and continually got involved. She has not only restored her life, but she has elevated the lives of the people in her community. 
Follow along with Patty’s journey as the year approaches its close to learn how the recovery of one alcoholic can save and restore the lives around them.

“I got my best friend back.”
Best friends for over 25 years, Christi has been by Patty’s side for it all- from raising their kids together as neighbors, being by Patty’s side as her husband died of alcoholism, and through Patty’s recovery journey.

I want you to know that I can lay my head down on my pillow at night and not worry about you anymore.”
Patty and her daughter, Brooke, have built a stronger relationship than ever before since Patty began her recovery journey.

“There’s no better way to impact other people than showing them what the gift is through yourself.”  

As Patty’s employer at a sober living house, Connie has witnessed Patty lead by example and inspire others as she shares the Miracles at Maggie’s with other alcoholics.  

“It feels good to have a grandma that is there for me.”  

Patty and her grandson, Wyatt, have a bond he never imagined her could have since Patty recovered.

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