Over the last 35 years, The Magdalen House has helped women establish sobriety and sustain recovery at absolutely no cost. From our inception on Lovers Lane to now on Gaston Avenue, thousands of alcoholic women and their families, like Alicia, Laurie, and Carolyn, have experienced life-changing miracles through our programs. Your support this holiday season will ensure that Miracles at Maggie’s will continue throughout the next 35 years and beyond.

Make Miracles Possible

Give the Gift of a Miracle


could provide 10 Big Books, our programming curriculum, to women in our programs.


could help 1 woman sustain and grow in her recovery through our non-residential Next Step program.


could provide 1 woman’s full 14 day residential stay in our First Step program.

This holiday season, whether your donation is $100, $1,800, or somewhere in between, your donation can provide alcoholic women and their families with more than just sobriety.


Make the Most of Your Gift this Holiday Season

There are numerous ways to ensure your gift makes the biggest possible impact this year.