Celebrating Mothers in Recovery | Happy Mother’s Day

by | May 9, 2021 | #Gratitude, Children, Family, Recover, Spiritual

For Mother’s Day, we asked our community of alcoholic women, “How has recovery affected your relationship with your children?

Their responses are the greatest gift we could ever hope for.

To all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day. And to mothers who have lost children, those who have lost mothers, those with strained mother relationships, mothers with strained child relationships, those who have chosen not to be mothers, and those yearning to be mothers – we are thinking of you.

And to all the mothers who are still struggling with alcoholism, please know that you are not alone. You have a community of recovered women who have walked in your shoes, who would love to talk. We invite you to say hello in Maggie’s Women’s Group Facebook Group or reach out to The Magdalen House for help.

Recovery: A Priceless Gift for Mothers Living with Alcoholism

“My kids can sleep well. Recovery brought my kids back to me when I thought all was lost. God is a redeemer.” – Kim T.

“I am present for the first time in my son’s life, and Damon gets to witness that change. God gave me a beautiful gift and challenge by making me a mom, but the biggest blessing is that sobriety and my reliance on God have allowed me to truly see that gift and treasure it.” – Jessica C.

“I no longer meet my children with anger or being annoyed with my first response. I am calm. I listen. I realize in my recovery that I cannot control other people’s actions, only my own. My higher power is in control of my life, not me.” – Sabrina C.

“Being sober has allowed me to be fully present and not rushed or impatient for my kids, and it is the greatest blessing! I just finished reading my youngest the second book of a trilogy. He looks forward to every night at bedtime, which is such a welcomed change in our lives.” – Lindsey E.

“I am present for my kids now and equipped with the tools to help guide them through life. Sobriety has been such a gift to my family. Thank you, Maggie’s!” – Jessica B.

“I am able to truly see my daughter and watch her grow into a beautiful young lady. I am able to see life through her eyes and experience the glory of God with her every day!” – Lindsey L.

“I am able to be the caretaker to my 2-year-old granddaughters and have reconciled with my family. Thank you, God and Maggie’s, for such a precious gift.” – Kate G.

“My daughter and I have such an amazing relationship because of the tools I have gained from this program. Not only am I present in her life, but she trusts me and is proud of me.” – Cari H.

“I am not a mom, but sobriety has led me back home where I can be a caretaker to my parents, who are in their 80s. We have become so close again. We are making memories that will last my lifetime and hopefully make their last years better. We suffered the loss of my only sister together. I could have never been present FOR THEM if not for sobriety. Such a sweet gift that God gave me when I gave him the control.” – Sarah F.

“I had my daughter after I got sober, and I pray to God she never has to see me drunk. I am beyond grateful she never has. I don’t want to be like my parents and pray I can continue to break the cycle.” – Cassidy C.

“At the most basic level, the fact that I am alive is a direct result of my sobriety. But even more importantly, I am emotionally present for my children in a way I could not be while I was sick. For a long time, I deeply regretted that my children suffered when I was drinking. While I wouldn’t say I like it, I see how it’s part of their story too. They have learned compassion and strength that I’m not sure they would have found otherwise. They have also helped other teens whose parents were alcoholic.” – Stacie G.

“My sobriety has changed everything. Not only can I show up sober and my authentic self, but my daughter gets to see what it’s like to overcome. Today we have a solid foundation, and we’re working on trust and forgiveness. Humility, faith, and honesty are the spiritual principles that I use as guideposts, and now my daughter gets to see her mom put those into action.” – Melissa M.

“My relationship with my adult daughter has improved beyond anything I could have imagined. And my son and his wife had a baby boy in March!! I am so very excited to be a sober, first-time grandmother. Filled with love and gratitude for God and Maggie’s.” – JoAnne M.