Lucinda Buford is an esteemed real estate agent whose passion for helping her neighborhood thrive is expressed through her work on behalf of her clients. As a well-respected member of the real estate community, she utilizes her market knowledge and real estate connections to bring the best transaction to every client. Buford built her business on creatively approaching each listing to garner the best price for her clients while maintaining a smooth experience for all parties.

Buford earned a BA in Industrial Psychology from Rhodes College and worked as an award-winning corporate trainer before founding a custom homebuilding company with her husband, Barry Buford, in 1998. Among the company’s many awards and accolades, the Bufords are most proud that it is highly regarded by top architects as one of Dallas’ best custom builders.

An active and respected leader, Lucinda has effectively guided teams in a variety of organizations, from chairing fundraising campaigns for public and private schools in the area to serving her church and worthy charities, Buford shares the skills that have developed her professional success. She works tirelessly for organizations that are close to her heart in order to build a stronger community.  Because her family has been touched by the disease of alcoholism, she is grateful for the opportunity to be involved with non-profits, like The Magdalen House and others, that work toward recovery for both the addicts and family members.