Friends, Tiff’s Treats is doing a special charity competition and we need YOUR help to win $10,000! 🍪💰

From now until January 31st, any Tiff’s Treats order that you place using the code MAGDALEN20 will give 10% back to Maggie’s! At the end of the month, the charity with the highest sales will win a grand prize of $10,000. 🎉⁠

Whether you love cookies or just love to brighten people’s days with cookies, there’s not a sweeter way to give back to Maggie’s! 🍪🥰⁠

🍪Turn Cookies into Cash💰

Sample Email to Send to Your Friends

Subject Line: 🍪 Cookies for Cash: Help The Magdalen House Win $10k


The Magdalen House has been selected to participate in a charity competition with Tiff’s Treats. Help us win by placing an order using the code MAGDALEN20 at checkout. Make sure you enter this code at checkout in the charity promotion code box each time you order! The code will deduct a penny off each order and that’s your indication that this sale has been recorded.

10% of each sale using charity code MAGDALEN20 throughout the entire month of January will go to The Magdalen House. And the organization with the most sales at the end of January will win $10,000!

Please forward this email to friends that you think would like to help and spread the word on Facebook by sharing this post.

Valid 1/3-1/31 Only

More details on supporting us in this contest can be found on our The Magdalen House charity webpage.

Thank you so much for your help!

P.S. You can’t use this code with a promo or discount code, unfortunately. But it’s still a great excuse to send cookies to brighten someone’s day!