Hi, my name is Page and I am the Program Manager here at The Magdalen House. I have worked here for one year now and I would like to share why my job is so special and gratifying to me. My days entail working directly with our clients in the Social Detox Program. The women that walk through the doors of The Magdalen House are defeated and desperate as a result of their alcoholism, feeling as though there is no way out. This feeling is one I can remember vividly when I first began my journey in recovery.

The great thing about our program is that, as the days go by during each client’s two-week stay, I have the privilege of watching each woman recover from a hopeless state. There is nothing better than witnessing a woman finding a solution to their struggle and disease. When each client at The Magdalen House completes our program and walks out the door, they are hardly the person I saw walk in two weeks prior. Not only is the two-week transformation amazing to see, witnessing our clients come back to the house and get involved with our comprehensive programming is even more wonderful. I get to continue to see our alumnae volunteer and attend our classes and meetings that are offered through our Peer Recovery Program and eventually sponsor other women.

In the past, I have had jobs that pay my bills. At The Magdalen House I witness miracles every day, and for me, that is priceless. If you or a loved one would like more information on our Social Detox Program, please click here.