From the moment Ainsley took her first drink, she knew she felt much different than her peers. Ainsley had a near perfect childhood and was excited to enter adulthood before her addiction took ahold of her. Ainsley’s friends were able to grow out of their “wild drinking phase,” but Ainsley could not, so she dropped out of college – that’s when her alcoholism became nearly fatal. She tried every means of getting sober on her own: changing her surroundings, friends and activities, but nothing worked. When Ainsley was sober she was miserable and discontent. The last time she relapsed, Ainsley’s sponsor told her that The Magdalen House could help and show her how to recover for good and for all. She attended the two-week Social Detox Program, began working the steps with her sponsor, and started to experience the joy of living again for the first time in a long time. Ainsley was not only sober, she was present, helpful and connected to a power greater than herself. She was asked to volunteer in the Social Detox Office at The Magdalen House on a part-time basis and fell in love with contributing to the mission on a daily basis. After six months of sobriety and as a volunteer, Ainsley was asked to join the team at Maggie’s full-time. She is now the Program Director at The Magdalen House and has been sober for four years. Her experience as an alcoholic and passion for helping others sustain recovery make her an incredible employee, friend, and daughter. Ainsley gives hope to so many women and to her family.

“Maggie’s House helped my daughter become the incredible woman she is today!   After leaving Maggie’s, Ainsley began volunteering for Maggie’s which turned into a job, then a career and a passion!  It truly changed her life and gave me the best daughter a Mother could ask for!” – Tina David, Ainsley’s mother

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