Written by Kay Colbert, Board Chair

The very first time I walked through the front door of The Magdalen House with a woman who needed their services, I immediately became aware of a very special feeling in the place, a sense of healing and love and support. I was so impressed by this nonprofit and their work with women in our community, that I soon joined the Board of Directors. Nine years later, I am the Board Chair and take pride in seeing our agency grow.

Combining My Experience With My Passion

As both a healthcare professional working in the addiction field, as well as a family member of a loved one in recovery, I know from experience that people can find their own strengths and become their own agents of change in the process. And I know that recovery is possible, and that it is also possible for families to mend fences and find healing.

I understand the chaos of addiction, but I am passionate about helping people put their lives back together. This is the extraordinary process that happens at The Magdalen House. Using the 12-Step model and peer recovery support, The Magdalen House not only guides women into sobriety, but shows them a sustainable path for maintaining long-term and ongoing recovery.

Making An Impact

In 2017, The Magdalen House served 230 women through their Social Detox program and welcomed almost 20,000 visits to their meetings. This year, we are helping even more women reclaim their lives as we have been operating at capacity for the last few months.

Through my personal donations to The Magdalen House I can transform my gratitude into assistance and empowerment for women facing alcoholism, support for their families and loved ones and education in our community.

Won’t you join me? Every gift helps to save lives.

Kay Colbert


When you invest in the life of an alcoholic woman, you help her family, her place of employment, and the community as a whole.

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