It is such a joy to financially support The Magdalen House. This organization, its people and programs saved our daughter’s life. Mary hit the wall right before Christmas of her 17th year. Mary is an alcoholic. After she came home from rehab, she had a strict routine laid out by her counselor whom we trusted completely. Every day she recapped her day with us and each day included a visit to Maggie’s house. Finally, Mary’s father asked her if we were ever going to meet her friend Maggie. Mary broke into laughter explaining to us that Maggie’s was an organization and that she went there every day to be of service to other women suffering with the disease of alcoholism. It was through this service that Mary was able to personally recover from her own disease. Our family will joyfully celebrate 10 years of sobriety with Mary this month and we give The Magdalen House the credit for giving her long-term strength and meaning in recovery.

-Kathi Shuford

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