By Lisa Kroencke, Executive Director

A couple of years ago, we formalized a program that has been around since the day we opened our doors and we started calling it the Peer Recovery Program. This program is the heart and soul of our organization and without it, The Magdalen House wouldn’t exist.

Our Peer Recovery Program is based on one simple philosophy: when one woman helps another, they help themselves in the process. And studies show that helping others has been proven effective for both alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike. It’s a design for living that really works and it saves lives, including my own.

What Our Peer Recovery Program Looks Like

When I first left a 30-day rehab program, I had NO idea what to do next.  When my sponsor suggested I visit The Magdalen House, I followed her direction.  When I walked through the doors the very first time in July of 2007, I was scared, nervous and full of shame.  But what I found here was a very unique community of women, one that welcomed me with open arms.  In that moment, I found my home; what I was so desperately seeking.  And in time, Maggie’s has given me the opportunity to help other women find what was so freely given to me.

Like our Social Detox Program, the Peer Recovery Program is completely free. Not only that, it’s open to all alcoholic women in recovery – not just women who have completed our 14-day, in-house Social Detox Program.

Working one-on-one with the women that I’ve met through Maggie’s is, to this day, the best part of my recovery. It’s the very reason why I say that my alcoholism is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And it’s the reason why I introduce myself as a grateful recovered alcoholic.  The Peer Recovery Program literally saved my life and has given my life purpose.

Our Peer Recovery Program exemplifies the power that a community of women has to not only help other women strive for and maintain sobriety but more importantly to build a foundation of quality recovery for the rest of their lives. Social Detox Alumna and women in the recovery community are encouraged to participate in our Peer Recovery Program through volunteer opportunities, attending meetings held at the house (all meetings are open to women), finding new women in the house to work with, and joining Maggie’s Women’s Group.

With an estimated 161,373* alcohol-dependent women in DFW alone, we want as many women as possible to utilize our free programming. Whether you’re looking for alcohol treatment through our free Social Detox Program or seeking an improved quality of recovery through our free Peer Recovery Program that offers opportunities to intensively work with others, 12-Step spiritual meetings and workshops, and fellowship with women in recovery, come join us.  Like that day 11 years ago when I first walked through the door, YOU are also welcome here.

*Based on 2015 statistics from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and 2016 Census Bureau Population Data

Peer Recovery in 2018

  • 8,200+ visits to our 1,200+ classes, meetings, and workshops
  • 12,500+ hours were donated by 300+ Community Volunteers
    • 6,152 hours were donated by women staying overnight in the Social Detox office with our clients (82% of these were alumna hours)
    • 1,126 hours were donated by women chairing meetings on 12-Step spiritual principles (28% of these were alumna hours)
    • 443 hours were dedicated to women in the recovery community sponsoring women in our Social Detox Program (67% of these were alumna hours)

How You Can Participate in Peer Recovery

If you are an alcoholic woman in recovery in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’d love for you to get involved.  Feel free to email us at for more information.

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