Please join us in welcoming Kate Hearne to The Magdalen House team! Kate found her passion for Maggie’s in 2017 when she started to volunteer and attend meetings. As a recovered alcoholic herself, the Social Detox program touched her life and inspired her to give back. We are so grateful to have her join our team as a Volunteer Coordinator!

1. What led you to want to work at The Magdalen House?

I wanted to do something I feel passionate about. Since I found out about The Magdalen House in 2017, I have been an advocate. I’ve always admired how they offer a free two-week program that is solution-based. There are other free programs out there, some I’ve gone to, but none that lay out the solution like Maggie’s does.

For Staff members in recovery, we like to ask a few additional questions:

How did The Magdalen House become part of your life?

In 2017 I lived in a sober living within walking distance of Maggie’s. I didn’t have a car at the time, so I would walk to Maggie’s several times a week for meetings. I started volunteering shortly after, and I fell in love with the entire Maggie’s atmosphere.

What has been the biggest gift to you in your recovery?

First and foremost: The obsession being removed. I never thought that could happen to me, but I was finally desperate enough to do what was suggested.

Two: My sisters trust me enough to let me be a part of their kids’ lives. I did a lot of damage in active alcoholism. A couple of years ago, I didn’t see my nieces, nephews, and some of my family members due to my alcoholism. Today, they see how the steps are working in my life, and I get to be an active member of my family.

What would you tell the woman who is newly sober, or still trying to get sober?

Be of service! This time around, I didn’t waste any time. I got sober at the 24-hour club, where there were endless opportunities to be of service. Two days in, still detoxing, I had nothing to offer as far as sobriety, but I sure as heck would ask my roommates to meditate with me or sit down and read the book together. I even would do chores that weren’t mine because my head was so loud I couldn’t stand being still. Thank God this program is more than just staying busy. The steps and God offer way more than that. But that is what I did my first couple weeks this time as I worked the steps.

What is your life like today?

I have a relationship with my family again. I am engaged and getting married to her in October. I have two dogs that I probably post way too many photos of on social media. On a more personal note, I’m facing some things in therapy that I have always run from and eventually gotten drunk over.

2. As a new team member, what are you most excited about?

I think I’m most excited about the amazing group of women I get to work with. I’ve never worked in an atmosphere where everyone is happy with their job. It seemed like a foreign concept before working here!

3. What’s something we should know about you?

I’m the youngest of seven kids! Also, I love playing guitar.

About Kate Hearne

Kate’s journey with Maggie’s began in 2017 when she started to volunteer and attend meetings. Her passion for The Magdalen House is driven by the free, solution-based two-week program for women seeking help for their alcoholism. As a recovered alcoholic herself, the Social Detox program touched her life and inspired her to give back. She admires the solutions provided by The Magdalen House programs and their ability to change lives. Seeking a field of work that fulfilled her passions, Kate was honored to accept her position as Volunteer Coordinator. Being able to help women seeking a solution for their alcoholism fulfills her drive towards a career that connects to her passion.

Before joining the team, she received an Associates Degree in Commercial Music, taught guitar lessons, and played shows in close to all 50 states. She also toured in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. She is the youngest of seven siblings and she has two precious pups that she loves dearly.