Two months ago, we gave you a look inside 4513 Gaston Avenue with photos of each room in our new home. Two weeks ago we filmed a little walkthrough of the space, right before the drywall went up, and today we’re so excited to share it with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions, and we wanted to answer some of those for you! If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please reach out to us at

1. What will you do with the Tree of Life?

For those of you who may not be familiar, this is where women who complete the Social Detox program get to hang their leaves when they complete the program, and also now where Next Step graduates hang their flowers. Now, the Tree of Life will continue to grow in the client stairwell connecting the Community Room to the bedrooms upstairs.

2. Are you going to start charging for services?

No, nope, NEVER! We believe that every alcoholic woman, regardless of her resources or circumstances, has the right to recover from alcoholism. And having no-cost services is how we will work towards our vision to build a thriving community of recovered women and their families — one woman at a time. That means that all of our services – our Social Detox program, Next Step program, Meetings and Fellowship, and Resources and Education – will ALWAYS be free for the women that we serve.

3. Why a new house? Why will the new house be in a new location?

1302 Redwood Circle has been where The Magdalen House has been located for over 25 years, and we’ve outgrown it. Not only do we need a larger facility to better serve our clients and our community, but we need a space that’s going to last for decades to come. While we considered keeping our same address in this wonderful neighborhood of Little Forest Hills, one of the biggest factors in deciding to move to an entirely new location was because we wanted to avoid any long-term suspension of services.

4. What will the advantages of the new, bigger house mean for Maggie’s?

Above all, more space will allow us to help more alcoholic women and families through our free programs and services. With an additional bedroom, we will be able to have up to 20 alcoholic women in our Social Detox program at one time, which is a 40% increase from our current capacity. Plus, with a Community Room that is double the size of our current meeting room, we will be able to have twice the number of women in our classes, meetings, and workshops and so much more room for fellowship events like our monthly Birthday Night. Small things like a bigger kitchen with commercial-grade appliances for cooking meals, a dining table large enough to seat everyone in the house, extra bathrooms, and larger living spaces are all things that our current house just doesn’t have because it wasn’t built for 14+ women.  

In addition, we will be closer to some of our most utilized Community Partners – the Dallas 24 Hour Club and the Agape Clinic.  

5. Is Maggie’s going to be different now that it’s in a new House?

While we’re intentionally making decisions to keep the warm, home-like feeling of Maggie’s, like capping our in-house capacity at 20 and keeping our programming the same, we know there’s something indescribable about The Magdalen House that makes it feel so special. While some people think that it’s because this place feels like “Grandma’s House” with the pink tile bathroom and mismatched furniture, we promise that’s not where the magic, or love, lives. YOU, women in recovery coming back to work with newly sober women and volunteer and fellowship, bring that love and magic that lives here. Our greatest hope is that you all continue to stay close to Maggie’s, and encourage more women to do the same.

6. Is it a new location or are you moving?

We are moving, or relocating, to 4513 Gaston Avenue in early 2021. This means we will still only have one location of The Magdalen House where we will provide our Social Detox program, Next Step program, and all of our events – meetings, classes, workshops, Birthday Nights, etc.


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