Walking through the front door you will see the staff staircase and a doorway that leads into the Client-side, which opens directly into the Dining Hall. All dark wood in the entryway will be repainted to a white, to lighten this space. To the left is the Family Room and to the right is the Client Intake Office.

Looking at the front door, which will be a historical replica of the original, surrounded by beautiful leaded glass windows that will be restored.

Walking into the Client-side through the doorway in the entry, you walk into the Dining Hall where we will have two tables that seat everyone in the house for true family-style dining. Looking straight you see doorways that lead into the Community Room. To the left is the Kitchen. And to the right is the Living Room.

Standing in the Dining Hall and looking into the commercial-grade Kitchen.  To the right is the Community Room.

Off of the Kitchen is the Laundry Room, which will be filled with light by the three windows.

Next to the Laundry Room is the walk-in Pantry.

Standing in the Family Room, looking out the side windows that face W. To your left are windows (not pictured) that look out on to the Front Porch.

Standing in the Dining Hall and looking into the Living Room.

Standing in the Sitting Room, which will have the original (decorative) fireplace. To the right of the fireplace is a doorway into the Living Room. Behind you are doors opening to the Client Intake office.

Standing in the Client Intake Office looking at the doors that will lead into the sitting room, and windows that face the side driveway. Behind you are windows that face the Front Porch.

Looking at the Dining Hall, towards the Entry with the Community Room behind you.

Client Stairs that are on your right immediately upon entering the Community Room. Directly across the walkway is the Elevator.

Looking at the top of the Client Stairs with Client Bedrooms #1 and #2 to your left and Client Bedrooms #3 and #4 to your right.

Client Bedroom #1 has several beautiful windows that overlook the back and SW side of the property.

Client Bathrooms #1 and #2 are in the middle of the Client Bedrooms #1 and #2.

Client Bedroom #2 also has several light-filled windows that face the back and NE side of the property.

Client Bedroom #3 with SW facing windows and an adjacent Client Bathroom #3

Client Bedroom #4 with NE facing windows and Client Bathroom #4 hidden in the back right corner.

Overnight/Conference Room with original (decorative) fireplace. This will serve as the sleeping quarters for our Overnight Volunteers while doubling as a space for Staff meetings.

Standing in Staff Office with windows that overlook the front and E side of the property. The Overnight/Conference Room entrance is in the back left corner of the photo.

Staff Break Area facing other half of Staff Office. The Break Area will have vaulted ceilings and the door to the balcony is on the left.

Doorway to the balcony from the Staff Break Area.

The Balcony looks out at Gaston Ave.

Standing in the ED Office which opens up to more Staff Office space. Staff Office space in this photo has windows overlooking Gaston and (not pictured) W facing windows.

While the original fireplace will be covered on the Staff Office side, the beautiful brick back of the fireplace will remain exposed in the ED Office.

View from the ED Office is of Downtown Dallas and soon to be Lucky’s Hot Chicken

We forgot to take an inside photo of the Community Room, but this is the view of the back from the middle set of doors. To the left is the Carriage House, and to the right will be Staff Parking, with a Meditation Garden in the very back right corner.


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